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Added a new video - TchoukTV // Öhlins Racing + X1 Racing Suspension = Great Performances - 3/11/2016 10:36 AM

On the 6th and 7th of March, Öhlins Racing and X1 Racing Suspension organised a test session for their french MTB pilots, who will run French and World Cup circuits. Romain Paulhan, Benoit and Sylvain Cougoureux for the Les Gets - Intense DH Team, Martin Jouët-Pastré, Julien Piccolo and Clément Galzy for the X1 Racing Team, and Melvin Pons for the U.S. Cagnes Team were there and they found a lot of help to set their suspensions, find the right tunings, to prepare their race season, and be able to ride fast all tracks. They'll ride on Öhlins TTX22 shocks and Fox 40 or RS Öhlins Boxxer Cartridge. More informations:

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Added a new video - TchoukTV // VoulVoul Racing Team / 2016 MTB World Cup Ready - 2/29/2016 9:31 AM

On thursday, the 26th of february, the 6 world cup racers of the 2016 VVR Team were in the Red Dirt (south of France) to edit the first video of the new season. Unfortunatly, the wind didn't really helped them to ride, and the film-maker to do his job, but they did it ! Otherwise, the group was complete and this video is the starting point of the 2016 season. Pilots: - Rudy Cabirou (10th in Lourdes 2015 WC) - Marine Cabirou (2015 Junior World Champion and Junior WC winner) - Florent Payet (13rd in Fort William 2015 WC) - Baptiste Pierron (26th in Windham 2015 WC) - Antoine Afflatet (Junior) - Nicolas Canet (Junior) Team-Manager: - Patrice Afflatet More informations: (in english) Jeudi 25 février, les 6 pilotes du "groupe Coupe du Monde" du Team VoulVoul Racing dans sa version 2016 étaient dans les Terres rouges pour une petite vidéo de présentation avant le début des courses. Malheureusement, le vent a un peu gâché leurs efforts et les prises de vues, rendant les plus jolis sauts impraticables. Néanmoins, le groupe a pu se réunir, s'amuser, rouler, et cette vidéo est un peu venue lancer leur saison. Plus d'informations:

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Updated bike check Pivot Cycles Mach 429 Trail (XL) "TchoukTV Edition" 2/8/2016 2:28 PM
Pivot Cycles Mach 429 Trail (XL) "TchoukTV Edition"
Added bike check Pivot Cycles Mach 429 Trail (XL) "TchoukTV Edition" 2/1/2016 3:31 AM
Pivot Cycles Mach 429 Trail (XL) "TchoukTV Edition"
Added a new video - TchoukTV // Team VVR - Seguret Urban DH 2015 - 11/19/2015 8:41 AM

Here is a short edit, for the VVR Team riders, of the Seguret Urban DH (south of France).

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Added a new video - TchoukTV // Seguret Urban DH 2015 - 11/5/2015 9:19 AM

Seguret Urban DH 2015. More informations: Xtrem Events:

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Added a new video - TchoukTV // Green Master Team: Dom's Pivot Mach 429sl - 9/4/2015 2:25 PM

Dom, "Master Yoda", has been riding a Pivot Mach 429sl for a while now. This 29er XC/Trail bike is fast, playful and on top of that, light, efficient and beautiful. Thanks to this video, you'll see that you can go further than what it's made for and you could even use it as an enduro bike. Uphill, rocky downhill and even jumps, the 429sl is able to do everything in the hands of Dom. More informations:

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Added a new video - TchoukTV // Kona-X1 Racing Team - Oz en Oisans 2015 - 7/21/2015 12:19 PM

Back from Oz en Oisans for the 2015 French Downhill Championships, the Kona-X1 Racing Team pilots are happy about their results. Romain Paulhan ended 7th and Julien Piccolo, who has been injured since Leogang World Cup round, is back with a 21rst place. More informations: and

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Added a new video - TchoukTV // VoulVoul Racing Team - Oz en Oisans 2015 - 7/21/2015 1:20 AM

Bad luck for the VoulVoul Racing for the 2015 DH French Championships. Marine Cabirou has been injured since Lenzerheide World Cup, Rudy Cabirou (20th World Cup standing) crashed for the first seeding run. Baptiste Pierron punctured in his final run. Marc Cabirou crashed in his final run too (40th). Romain Goulesque (43rd) and Antoine Afflatet (23rd Cadet) had a good race. More informations: Facebook page: And:

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Added a new video - TchoukTV // Canicule - 7/7/2015 12:50 PM

There have been a heatwave over France for the past few days... But that doesn't prevent Kevin Locquet from riding his Pivot Phoenix Carbon DH full Öhlins Suspension in spite of the 38°c announced. You can find Kevin on his professionnal facebook page: More informations here: Une vague de chaleur sévit sur la France depuis quelques jours... Mais cela n'empêche pas Kevin Locquet de rouler sur son Pivot Phoenix carbone full Öhlins malgré les 38°c annoncés ! Retrouvez Kevin sur sa page facebook professionnelle: Plus de renseignements ici:

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Added a new video - TchoukTV // 100% Single Tracks - 6/26/2015 7:20 AM

Romain Goulesque is a French downhill racer from the VoulVoul Racing Team. He rides his enduro bike more and more. Last week-end, he finished 2nd at the Enduro des Dentelles in Gigondas (south of France). We remember his 2nd place in Super-besse for the French DH Cup round, and all his victories in Regional Cup... But he'll be on enduro races podiums now, for sure ! He rode his Mondraker Foxy with the new SR Suntour Auron 2016 fork and new Onza tire for the Gigondas race and it was a success ! So we decided to shoot a video with these new stuff near his house, only on single tracks. More information: and faebook page of the VVR Team: Romain Goulesque, descendeur du Team VoulVoul Racing, roule de plus en plus en enduro. Le week-end passé, il a terminé 2è de l'Enduro des Dentelles à Gigondas (84) alors qu'il testait pour la première fois sa nouvelle fourche Suntour Auron et de nouveaux pneus Onza sur son Mondraker Foxy. Ce premier essai fut donc une belle réussite... L'occasion était donc parfaite pour réaliser une petite vidéo de Romain à l'entrainement sur les sentiers de la colline du Barry, entre Drôme et Vaucluse, là où il roule très régulièrement... Une vidéo "100% single tracks" ! Plus d'informations: et Lien vers la page faebook du Team VVR:

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Added a comment about video - TchoukTV // DogMasteR - 5/24/2015 1:27 AM

Thanks Vital MTB for tha sharing ! Here, you'll see some photos of Tetard and Heaven:

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Added a new video - TchoukTV // DogMasteR - 5/23/2015 12:14 AM

Nicolas "Têtard" Ortiz is still a fast french DH racer. After a long career as a racer (2002 French Cup overall winner, several World Cup top 30), he won't stop riding. Everyday, he works on his DH, enduro and MX skills with his dog "Heaven" who goes as fast as him. The collusion of theses two massive racers is incredible! Watch them riding their DH trails near Apt in south of France. More informations, in French, here:

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Added a new video - TchoukTV // Camp de Cesar - 4/16/2015 1:31 PM

Here is "Camp de Cesar", the Laudun l'Ardoise (France) race film wich count for the Languedoc-Roussillon DH Cup. Watch the all 2015 week-end race, with Rudy Cabirou winning run and Faustin Figaret first place for the Cesar Cup (with the 30 fastest racers). One week later, they finished 10th and 9th in Lourdes for the World Cup opening round. This video is a regional movie, with funny parts, and incredible revelations about how the best pilots manage to win races. More informations:

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Added a new video - TchoukTV // Alexandre Fayolle 2015: Young & Fast - 2/22/2015 12:39 PM

Alexandre Fayolle is a young french privateer and he trains a lot, before the World Cup Season, on his Pivot Cycles Phoenix carbon full Öhlins suspensions. Watch him on the La Roque d'Antheron track, in the south of France (last thursday). In 2014, Alex finished 21st for the qualification run in Meribel and 33rd for the final... His goal is to be in the top 20 this season. He'll race all the world cup rounds... Alexandre Fayolle se prépare pour la saison de Coupe du Monde 2015 au guidon de son nouveau Pivot Phoenix carbon 27'5 (full Öhlins). Retrouvez-le sur la piste de La Roque d'Anthéron par une jolie journée de février... Plus d'informations: La page du team Ride Inov: La page "athlète" d'Alexandre Fayolle:

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Added a new video - TchoukTV // Green Master Team: Dom's Pivot Mach 6 - 10/27/2014 2:06 PM

For the 2015 season, the Green Master Team pilots will ride on Pivot Cycles. Dom "Master Yoda" as already received his Mach 6 carbon enduro bike. Watch him at home, riding Drôme Provençale and north Vaucluse slopes. More informations: and Pour la saison 2015, le Green Master Team roulera sur des VTT de la marque Pivot Cycles. Dom "Maitre Yoda" a dores et déjà reçu son Mach 6 carbon d'enduro. Le voici chez lui, sur les pentes de la Drôme Provençale et du nord Vaucluse. Plus d'informations: et

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Added a new video - TchoukTV // Teaser // Green Master Team: Dom's Pivot Mach 6 carbon - 10/27/2014 12:46 PM

With the sunny october weather of last week, Julien "TchoukTV - Green Giant" from the Green Master Team went to shot some footages of the new Dom's bike: a Pivot Mach 6 carbon. Full video will be soon on and on Avec la météo quasi-estivale de la semaine passée, Julien "Tchouk - Géant Vert" du Green Master Team est allé tourner quelques images du nouveau vélo de Dom "Maitre Yoda": un Pivot Mach 6 carbon. Vous retrouverez bientôt la vidéo complète de cet essai du Mach 6 sur: et ainsi que sur la page Facebook du Green Master Team:

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Added a new video - TchoukTV // Outsiders - 9/25/2014 1:27 PM

Here is a summary of the 4 days Meribel race with pilots riding for TchoukTV and/or X1 Racing. All the pilots you'll see in this video are "outsiders", some of them were not amongst the 80 fastest pilots in the finale, others qualified but they're all trying, day after day, to reach the best level they can, and maybe join a big team which would allow them to improve themselves. You won't often see these pilots in magazines or on the web, however they are on national and international races and they train as much as the leaders in the top 20. The only big difference is that they pay for their races with their own money. Share this video to support these french pilots ! They have draw attention on themselves. In GB or in the US, they would be pro riders easily. This unpaid video has only one goal: to support them ! More informations:

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