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How old is Charlie Harrison? 20? Must have had an uphill paper round.

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This: "After testing, Phil and the team riders requested not only softer compounds but redesigned tread patterns for additional cornering traction."

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too *phased* by laurie's run to focus on spelling : ) fixed. thanks!

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Don't forget Sunn/Vouilloz Racing bikes of the past, those predated some of Morgan's stuff, and the some of the same people have influence now.

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Spomer beep noise needs to be a thing.

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All this means is that my $225 DH license fee ($200 plus $25 to cover roadies and XC nerds' doping tests) will be up to $250 to cover all the enduro doping tests as well.

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I'm a big fan of what Eliot did, I think it is cool for riders to be genuine fans of the sport they participate in. In a small way, I kinda think of rider stats too, but lets forget about that whole idea of a rider being suited to a specific track or ... more ยป

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It seems like the review pointed you in the correct direction then?

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John Hall helped me out with some brake advice on my TRP's, he was happy to give some info when there wasn't anything going on in the pits. Thanks for being open and helping out.

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Dear bike companies: Don't put out press releases for products not available for 4-5 months. Especially when 'end of northern hemisphere riding season' is your release date.

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Thanks for response. That all makes sense to me. My 2017 Stumpy has the (pretty heavy stock) Traverse OEM wheelset with 29 mm internal width rims (currently shod with Nobby Nic 29 x 2.6) so I've looked at the Flows but they seem pretty heavy compared with the Arch Mk3. The Arches obviously can...more

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You are correct, this was tested on a 30mm width, 26mm internal Stans rim. I decided not to upgrade my wheelset just to do a tire review. There are many riders out there that have an existing setup, and might not want (or have the $$) the get a new rim or wheelset. I chose to test the tires as a 'normal rider' and see how they would perform on my standard ride.

The tire worked super well as far as grip is concerned, and I couldn't perceive any casing squirm, which is one of the only downfalls I could see in using a rim that is just a hair narrower than recommended. It is a DH casing, so it should be able to handle just about anything. Being that I've tested numerous wider rims from SRAM and other companies, I can say confidently the wider rims have consistently resulted in a more square tire profile (wouldn't be that bad on the Assegai), slower rolling (due to more rubber on the ground which wouldn't be that awesome on the Assegai) and increased sidewall stability (rather unnecessary on the Assegai in its current DH casing).

Not that this matters to some readers, but there are a finite amount of resources available to testing. I chose to spend more time riding in different states and dirt and conditions than swapping rims. I hope that is alright, as I believe many people might try the tire on their current setup to give it a bit more of a gravity oriented feel. Not coincidentally, that is also the best purpose we found for the tire. It can fill that role of beefing up your ride if you've only got one bike (and most likely one wheelset), and it will do it well, regardless of rim width.

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I used the tire as a front only after about a month of riding as both front and rear, and it is definitely better as a front in my opinion. I think it would pair well with a 2.3 DD casing tire in the rear, still tough, but not as grippy or heavy, and it would allow the front to track super well while the back end might slide a bit (in a good way)

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So much gold in this slideshow. Highlights from the weekend:

-The photo of Bulldog from behind absolutely tattered and still on the bike was #1, thought it was a Mongo shot but was pleasantly surprised to see it was a Maddog shot. Just bummed that it was of Brooke in...more

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Also a good run from US junior lady Anna Newkirk. Up until split 4 she was on the pace of top 6 in Elite women. She might have way more potential than her final placing would indicate.

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Sick, psyched to see this stuff.

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jeff.brines is right, I meant that corners where someone would spray a lot of dirt at one time might be 'punchy', as opposed to a smooth drift or gradual slide that happens on some of the faster tracks that I see on the world cup circuit. It could even be boiled down to shorter or longer radius corners. So the higher the average speed is, the better I feel this tire would do.

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2.3 in EXO por favor

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I have used both the stock air shock and the coil on the Sentinel. I prefer the coil, but I run slightly less sag. Maybe 25% sag, and I think that helps it not bottom out too much. I feel it is really nice as far as being responsive, which is paramount for me. The air shock ramps up a little more with the .83 cubic inch volume reducer (maybe .6 is stock?), but I don't mind bottoming out on a bike, so long as it is predictable, which I feel the Sentinel is.

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