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7 up from the bottom right on the key features chart

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So which phases does he collect underpants?

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Not taking a side, but something to think about: The current combined production output of goods by the rest of the world doesn't equal the output of China alone. The supply chains, infrastructure and sheer volume of output that China can produce are just as big...more

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go away with your grinchy attitude and get on the fuck ebikes train bud

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Look, I killed five trees today with an excavator, no joke, making some trail through USFS land. I'll mow down some forest, skid, go off trail and laugh about it with the best of them. I'm just saying that it is super good ammo for the ass hats that want to shut down trails, but never did I say 'they shouldn't do that'.

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'Democrats, or Republicans' was not mentioned. I hope you do see the relevance of the cost of cycling goods to a cycling site though. News that will most likely affect everyone should just be seen as that, news, not bias. Plus, this article had good arguments for and against, which should be the standard of quality news. Better to be educated than insulated.

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oh dear, further proof Gee man should've been in the world's squad. Hopefully, he stays whole, and mentally strong ready for next season.

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One of my buddies runs 2.3's more than the 2.5's, he says the tread is more predictable in corners, and especially in transition between straight and leaned over. Check out the tires side by side, inflated, and you'll see a big difference in the open space. He's running Cush Core valves, so I imagine Cush Core inside, which for my tires makes them feel more damped, like a bigger tire.

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Gotta say, Maes did it best. He was lowest and super centered on his bike and ready to pump on the landing. Minnaar looked like he was playing around the most for sure.

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That's a good look at the course without any special production to it, good info before the live webcast. Thanks for doing that Gee.

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whoever worked on this nailed it, beautifully detailed w/o being hectic, can't wait to see connor slap it through some turns!

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We're trying the opposite approach of not hyping Mick this year, maybe he'll fly under the radar and finally win it! (note that he DOES have three medals already...silver in South Africa and Cairns, and bronze in Canberra...only the big one still missing...)

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You really need to throw Mick Hannah in there. He has been on 4 World Champs podiums (2nd last year) and this is the race he wants to win. He specifically said that in some of his interviews after he barely missed the top spot in Australia. He just had his best world cup result (12th) of the season on a tech track in La Bresse, not necessarily a 'fitness' track that some people call him out for. Mick has repeatedly been of of the fastest guys in speed traps at the world cups, and that's a big thing in Lenzerheide. Minnaar had a terrible season before, and started to ramp up at the end, and ended up winning worlds a few years back. I wouldn't count out Mick from doing the same thing. I don't know if he'll win, but I would bet heavily on a top 5 or DNF. I personally hope for a medal for him after all those years of trying.

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It wasn't a matter of the stitching, it was the rubber. The Mi6 rubber was more 'oily' than others, and Five Ten had an issue finding glue that worked with it. The delaminations happened not just on the toe, but everywhere, and even mid-sole, where there were no seams. For that reason (the rubber they were trying to use) they abandoned the rubber for the Freerider Pro and other new shoes. Not that this forum is about Five Ten, the RC shoes look promising. Just saying that in case it can help someone avoid a Mi6 rubber equipped shoe.

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Cheers, Tristan. This video is best viewed on a desktop in 4K to catch all the changes. Unfortunately the light was a bit harsh while filming which makes several of the indicator changes tougher to see.

This was a fun learning experience for us –we had...more

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"the shadow of the over-compensating Pinkbike booth", love it.