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Added reply in a thread 2021 Mountain Bike Team Rumors 11/2/2020 6:50 AM

Maybe Unior is pulling out because it doesn’t make sense that Devinci would develop a new high pivot bike and not continue to race world cups. Perhaps Dak is waiting to hear if Devinci has a new co sponsor for 2021?

Added reply in a thread Best and Worst World Cup DH Tracks? 4/5/2020 2:55 PM

Ive read that MSA is a very popular destination with the racers and teams so I think its staying on the schedule. Whistler is building a WC downhill course over on creekside? so Id like to see them race there.

Added reply in a thread riding solo in predator territory 11/29/2019 12:49 PM

My wife is always concerned about animal attacks so went to the local ranger station and posed this exact question. They said and I quote “it’s the two legged predators you really need to worry about” We smiled awkwardly....and left

Added reply in a thread Three-Quarter Lids: Gimmick or Cool? 11/12/2019 6:25 AM

I’ve never understood why motorcrossers and mountain bike folks think that a full face helmet should be able to sustain multiple hits over a season or seasons and still perform. Once a helmet has made any kind of contact with the ground it’s time to ... more »

Added reply in a thread Why are so many "MTBers" A*holes when new things happen? 11/11/2019 7:17 AM

If you live long enough you eventually realize assholes are just part of life. Often they’re not even aware they’re being assholes. That includes me. Every sport or passion has its assholes but overall I feel the level of assholism is pretty low in mountain ... more »

Added reply in a thread Three-Quarter Lids: Gimmick or Cool? 11/6/2019 11:53 AM

I see the 3/4 lids as natural progression and a step towards the mass adoption of lightweight breathable full face helmets . Speeds are going up, riders are challenging rougher terrain so it makes perfect sense to protect your face. Am I ready to be ... more »

Liked a comment on the item Urge Releases Full 2020 Helmet Line 10/8/2019 6:36 AM

These are retail prices? Or dealer prices?

Added reply in a thread DeVinci Spartan Alu Problems 2/20/2019 6:20 PM

I’ve had quite a few Devinci’s both aluminum and carbon and the only noise issue I’ve ever had is when the shock pivots get dry. I regularly remove the shock, clean the bolts, regrease them, reassemble and torque them back to spec. I did have to cut ... more »

Added reply in a thread 2019 Racing Rumors 1/17/2019 11:15 AM

I just saw him riding the Devinci Sabbath, I think (hope) he’s staying put!

Added reply in a thread 2019 Racing Rumors 1/10/2019 7:47 AM

Not happy that a major brand team like Spesh doesn’t have a female racer on the team.

Added reply in a thread 2019 Racing Rumors 1/2/2019 9:22 PM

Neko to Unior/Devinci with Dak is my totally uninformed guess!

Added reply in a thread Enduro Full Face Helmets 11/22/2018 8:34 AM

My local trails are mostly hard XC but there are sections on every trail that pass over jagged rocks and serious drops. If I land on my face there it’s not going to be pretty. I’ve considered buying a removable chin bar helmet but am I really going to ... more »

Added reply in a thread 2019 Racing Rumors 11/19/2018 11:28 PM

Noticed this on Jesse and Miranda’s IG stories. Is Rocky shutting down the enduro team?

Added reply in a thread 2019 Racing Rumors 10/31/2018 8:36 AM

I’m wondering if YT’s inability to deliver a 29” DH bike on a timely basis was one of the reasons the relationship with Gwin soured. Perhaps Gwin realizes that he needs to ride for a bigger company with a proper R&D budget. Trek hired Neff to ensure ... more »

Added reply in a thread 2019 Racing Rumors 10/27/2018 5:02 PM

Obviously I’m guessing but it seems to me that Claudio is stepping back after his brain injury. Maybe he just doesn’t feel up to managing a team right now?

Added reply in a thread 2019 Devinci Spartan vs 2018 Rocky Mountain Slayer 10/3/2018 9:52 PM

I’ve never ridden the Slayer but I have a Marshall XT which is my third Devinci. I bought a Trek this time and although it’s a killer bike (Fuel 9.9 XO) I miss the Devinciness of my Devinci’s. I love the in the bike feel and the way the split pivot works ... more »

Added reply in a thread 2019 Racing Rumors 9/23/2018 8:29 PM

I hope Magnus Manson gets more support in 2019, he’s been pretty consistent on the “privateer” Canyon.

Added a comment about feature The Inside Line Podcast - Kyle Warner 8/29/2018 6:58 PM
TPL Racing

Great interview and an Inspiring story!

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Added reply in a thread 2019 Racing Rumors 8/29/2018 7:39 AM

Just saw Whistler is building a Stevie Smith 1199 Downhill course with hopes of attracting a World Cup to Whistler!

Added reply in a thread 2019 Racing Rumors 8/15/2018 11:36 AM

I can see that coming up at a Specialized board meeting. “Everyone welcome Dave from our genetic research department, Dave why don’t you give us an update on the Petri dish to Podium project, are our subjects engaging in colitis” “when can we expect ... more »