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Prolly not Sram i'd say (given the industrial design), but the cable pulley is very Sram like together with the jockey wheels as well.

It does appear to have an on/off switch for the clutch (red button behind the cage).

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You know it! Thanks POWsLAYER! Yeah she's a looker! But im finding out she likes to play dirty too!

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Thanks Tom! Miss you dude, this summer , we ride!

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Sektor gets token compatability. Which is cool. How about the rest of the price point forks? It would do wonders for their value / performance aspect.

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Rode there 20 years ago! Maybe before the word 'bike park' ever existed. It was all about the xc trails then. Super rocky and rugged! Glad to see they're still doing it and then some! I'd love to ride there again!

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