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Here's a thought: don't rotate your tires. I used to do this, too, but then I realized my front tires lasted 2-3 times longer than rear tires. Now I replace rear tires when they're worn, and typically my front tire looks fine. As a bonus, this allows ... more »

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As long as the threads are above the bottom crown and not below it, game on.

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"I usually am not one to 'hate ride' a trail over and over. Im sure its a spirtual exercise on some level in order to make a person better but Im too shallow." I highly recommend it. If you ignore the hate it never goes away, it just festers in a small ... more »

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This same argument is happening in reverse right now in the comments for the "Test Sessions: Five Slack, Short-Travel 29ers" review. Over there someone is complaining that the test bikes are so heavy, so why even bother buying a short travel bike? "If ... more »

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Here’s a thought: no one gets their first win this season. Tahnee, Tracey, and Myriam will be healthy and Rachel will be back on the bike. On the senior men’s side, it’s tough to bet against a stacked winners circle that already includes Loic, Gwin, ... more »

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You could try running steel bolts and springs. The benefits include: stronger, longer fatigue life, cheaper, and bike weight doesn't matter.

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Sweet bike! I commute all the time on my singlespeed dirt jump bike with Maxxis DTH tires, and I've gotten a lot of flats. It's a really thin tire with no flat protection. I'd consider running a more robust, thicker, heavier tire, like a K-Rad or even ... more »

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You do not need UCI points to race at a World Cup round. Anyone with a USA Cycling international pro license ($225 I think?) can race if they submit a petition to USA Cycling and are accepted onto our "National Federation Team" for the event. Racing ... more »

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Have ridden lots of pedals and I always come back to SPD's. I love the XT Trail pedal for value and durability. I think Mallet's are the best feeling pedals, but they break all the time or just fall apart. If you ride a lot, you've either gotta be a ... more »

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When you create a new segment in Strava, it recommends that you not create segments shorter than a minute. The GPS data is accurate enough to give a good time estimate for longer times and distances, but below a minute and it's not accurate. I notice ... more »

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Great question! First off, your fear is healthy. Mountain bikes can throw you really hard, and it's important to maintain a healthy fear of them. People who are fearless eventually have to stop riding, either because they're tired of being hurt all the ... more »

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Here's what I think happened: OP has no idea what "big hits" means, and is instead generally referring to riding quickly-ish sometimes on rough-ish terrain. No one would ever consider a coil on a short travel bike if super-harsh g-outs and impacts were ... more »

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Great question Brines. I'm totally bought into the spring as the more important system. I think you should do 90% of your tuning with the spring and let damping do the last 10%. I learned this the hard way in 2014 at the Leogang World Cup. I was getting ... more »

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The fork you're looking for is right here:

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Most people don't need inserts, only if you're rolling tires, denting rims, or slicing sidewalls. Also worth noting that inserts won't prevent you from punching a hole through the tread, which is **really** easy to do with EXO, EXO+, or Snakeskin.

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If you're 220 pounds and you're folding tires, just take the weight penalty and ride the proper tires. Bike weight is not as important as the industry tells you, and you'll get used to the extra weight if you choose to not dwell on it during your rides. ... more »

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Jeff Kendall Weed can bunnyhop 3 feet off flat ground.

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News flash: GoPro footage is almost always boring. Have you ever watched your own GoPro footage? It looks like you're riding in slow mo. It doesn't look fast, it makes rough trails look smooth, and it makes steep trails look flat. As someone who was ... more »

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Spomer and Jeff, you sound *exactly* like Lance apologists circa 2007. Which is funny, because Jeff has already admitted to being a Lance apologist circa 2007. "Why would Lance risk it all by doping? He wouldn't. He's an incredible rider in the first ... more »