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so shitty

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Looks pretty shitty, to be honest.

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so stoked on this!! finally after waiting my whole life there will be a descent park to day trip to.

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No comment on the helmet as I'll never be able to afford a Troy Lee. But I showed that video to my very polite mother and got a "Holy F#cking Sh!t." out of her.

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Haters gonna hate.... Nice work guys. It would be nice to see something like that come out of Asheville in the next decade... I guess what I'm saying is, be stoked you have the guys who want to put in the time to build such a nice spot, because there are a lot of people who see this and just dream and drool. It's a day long drive to anywhere close to this for all of us in NC.

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That move is so Cru Jones. The Reynolds twins didn't see that one coming. RAD!

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Chris Annesi from the Dirt Passion crew shot this little pre-surgery edit for Frankie out at the Fruit Trails right as the worst weather we've seen in a long time hit North Carolina. With monsoon season hopefully coming to an end, Frankie will be going under the knife to get a little shoulder work done, so show him some love. The kid rips on and off of the bike, digs more than most people ride, and is always down for good times. Can't wait for him to be back 100%, more good stuff to come for sure.

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