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Grom Freeride Sled: 2020 Rocky Mountain Altitude XS 26"

Yeah frame was used and I wanted to get fresh bearings in all of it. The only bearings that are blind are the two for the lower main pivot. The chainstay bearings etc can all just be pressed out from behind. I used the AltAlt bearing set to do almost all of it and certainly re-install them all. Rocky Mountain has a decent manual with drawings that show the exploded view, bearings and also torque values.

1- Chainstay bearings, linkage bearings: The AltAlt can press them out
2- Main pivot blind bearings - I used a blind bearing puller from Motion Pro and its smallest collet. Worked great. That being said, its an expensive too. Thankfully there is a metal spacer between the two bearings. It has 4 notches in it (two on each side) that a flathead screw drive or other punch could be used to slowly knock them out. AltAlt does the install. When you install, do the drive side first and don't overpress them as the spacer needs to fit in there and it does provide some preload on the bearings. You don't just smash both bearings in all the way otherwise they are overloaded.

3- The shock eyelet bearings - these are easiest to remove with a vise with softjaws (not the add-on softjaws but legit sawjaws built in or a simple wood vise). You clamp the eyelet and rotate it until the bearing cup comes out. Then you can use the AltAlt and the metal spacer to press out the bearings and install them.

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Great job Dad and whoever else was/is involved in this build. Finding good rides for small size light weight shredders can be challenging.

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Grom Freeride Sled: 2020 Rocky Mountain Altitude XS 26"
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Hey man, I saw you were local here to Oregon and same height as me. Your comments in a post about mtb reach for tall guys was interesting. I'm trying to buy a bike but am fairly new to the process but riding a lot as we live on Post Canyon. Nevertheless, are there any mid/long travel trail bikes that you loved and had a nice fit? Seems like not a lot of bikes are built for tall guys AND actually pedal well up and rip down. I tried on a Hightower LT XXL the other day and it felt nice on the cockpit (perhaps a big long) but the bike itself just felt really big and not super Agile. I couldn't do a proper demo so maybe that'll change with that. Any advice you could pass my way would be appreciated!


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