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It’s not that it’s bad. Each and everyone to their own. But there are a lot more fun things to do than track walk. If no one walked then no one would feel they “need” to walk. That said it’s not going to stop anytime soon. And the hiking is pretty scenic out here.

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No I forgot to send it

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Sorry. Caption written at 5:07 am after a long week of work and short week of sleep. No need to read anything else into my faux paux

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One of the few and true legends of our sport.
In his reference to sleeping on tiles in 2003 while on Madcatz, they used to come up to us time to time in Laguna beach and have a luxury weekend away. We had mattresses, pillows and carpets to sleep on....

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how a kid that old manages to get back up all year long.... legend.

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What about a link for HT LT owners so they can run the RS Super Delux Metric shock? Like the team riders are using?

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5 Judges all isolated from each other. I head judge (Who does not do actual scoring but makes sure judges get all the info they need in terms of replays, etc and is communicating judging criteria to judges and riders, basically making sure his judges can do the best job possible)
Throw out high and low score, that way the final score is an averaged one of three judges. This takes out any bias both high or low from friends/countrymen etc (im not sure they may even do this already)
Judges are named and their scoring is visible to all on the live feed and as mentioned before they judge in isolation and are not swayed or influenced by other judges - if issues or questions need to be raised that is what the head judge is for.
Another good suggestion I heard was to not publish the scores until the END of round one. If there is enough time (break between run one and run two) this would be a good idea. Judges write down a score with notes even that feels right after the run while its fresh in their heads but then only put down a final score after a quick watch of relevant replays of each run. I feel this will result in a more accurate scoring and ranking. Problem with this is it may hinder the "live feed drama" - but in the same way it could add to the drama if presented correctly.

No easy simple solution

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What is different this year is riders have to qualify. Not many seem to this know as it’s not been well communicated. Sad really. For some small nations, You do what you have to to make the team, your one chance on a world stage you’ve earned and your week may be over after Friday qualifiers - having to sit the racing out two days later. Not sure what the point of the rule is or why the change but I’d say a bit of a downer for sure.

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