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Commencal/Vallnord switching to ChrisKing hubs. They were on Spank wheels last year right?

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Although Scott and Nino sounds/seems like a bond for the lifetime.. Perhaps something changing? They've had a Scott-team-gala thing last night.

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Laying in the background of photo it either shows pillows to cry on or bags of cash.

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My ring binder schwartz is bigger than your binder schwarz!! I will sell it to you for.....1 million dollars!

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I got Oakleys from which I can remove the strap. Toss them in the washing machine as well. They tend to curl up a bit when done tho but a quick once over with an flat-iron gets them looking like new.

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It’s under 30 with out the pedals and bottle cage/tool. But you need those things to ride so I weigh it as I would ride it!

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No mud in Idaho!

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he's in line for a mclaren this off season.

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@vitalmtb @sspomer @all the photographers: Pressing play on any new slideshow during world cup weekends, with those quality pictures and interviews, seriously it is so damn good! Just sit back, grab a drink and listen in and get awesome insights.

It's something I really enjoy and the fact that you guys make this kind of content available for free boggles the mind but makes me a very happy camper. Easily beats going out to the movie theatres.

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Few thoughts pop into my mind:

- I think we're spoiled with the amount of difference between race courses. Tennis/soccer players etc. travel the globe only to arrive at exactly the same playing field for instance. I know it's not totally comparable, but food for thought.

- If you're complaining about the course being too easy, might as well win the race then.. (Don't get me wrong, I love seeing the pro's ride insanely difficult terrain at insane speeds, but take it as it is and smash it)

- Vital content is always top-notch and feels like coming home, that said the Slideshow is always my preferred way of following the content. Most of all just a big fat virtual high five for all the awesome content that you guys make available for us.

Now let the racing begin!

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Vitalmtb the speed/quality of your work is once again mindblowing.

Struggling to keep up with this much supply! Thanks!

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fixed. long day. plus 2 new pics added.

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I snagged the last meta v3 29er last year, overforked it, put a works angleset in it and it has been such a awesome bike for pretty much everything. They were kinda ahead of their time without knowing it.

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Insane how awesome these pieces are quality-wise. So much respect for you guys!

That last picture is just amazing, such a crowd that gathered!

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the podcast may or may not be available for listening on tuesday at 11:58pm in the right time zone.

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There's an E-bike from Canyon dropping pretty soon, that might be it.