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wood or no wood.. Big BALLS required.. ! (no sexual innuendos intended)

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Not to debate with you on this, because your point is very valid. But I live at Red Bull, I ride there often. But if you didn't know they moved the starting point much closer to the top if not the top this year and all of the wood is much down towards the bottom of all the lines. Also the sport has progressed enough and this site has been in the same spot for a while; they needed to add some more stuff like some of these wood features so that the riders can have just as large drops and gaps down low as they do up top. With these wood additions the riders can also have more different lines. The wood stuff is an optional addition to their lines, not their whole line. They still make everything but a few of those huge features that the riders do not have time to build. So if anything they are just adding more stuff to rampage. And again I'm not debating, I'm just making a observation for what I have seen.

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Alright boys, it seems the rumors are false. You're good to go.

From Red Bull - "In the USA, when you go to, users will be redirected to the NBC Signature Series site to view. Others outside the US will view direct from the Red Bull player. That's the only...more