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If you're looking for a single-crown downhill shredder and all-around super fun bike then this bike is FOR YOU. It’s well-traveled, but also taken care of. Slay some downhills and be able to pedal to the top! The shock and dropper have been serviced

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I'm going to second what fowleezy said. I got a Jeffsy about a year and a half ago and its truly my all-mountain bike. I've had a blast riding mellow XC trails in my local park, riding gnar in Pisgah and riding lift assisted DH at both Whistler and Snowshoe. ... more »

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Thanks for the details! Rad bike

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I'm hoping to build up a rowdy hardtail soon. Is this the steel or aluminum meta? Saw you could fit 2.8s and was intrigued. Thanks!

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