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A hipster? Really? I'm truly offended now

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This whole pre practice practice purity-of-racing kerfuffle; who cares?

1) As far as I know you are never practicing the exact track.
2) This isn't enduro where 'ride off your wits" is part of the aim. Its DH, with ample practice awarded to everyone in every class.
3) Don't a lot of these tracks have sections that are always part of a bike park or similar? (Fort Bill)
4) My biggest point - you could give the top guys unlimted practice for weeks prior to the race and I'd bet it changes nothing. A track is learned relatively quickly. From there, lines change as the track wears in (or breaks down). These guys aren't learning how to ride a bike, they know that. So what is all this additional practice really garnering anyone?

(I'll answer my own stupid question) - Only advantage I see is knowing how the dirt feels, and knowing what tires you'll be running.

I'm clearly very very very far away from a WC pro, but I'd say lap 4-5 is about when I'm up to speed on a track. Beyond that, I may actually get slower lol

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Liked a comment about press release GT Launches All-New 2022 Force Carbon Enduro Machine 8/11/2021 7:52 AM

that's up to pivot to start their models at 6k and you don't have to like that. the $6k bikes from gt and pivot are of similar value, however, even though a cheaper option is not offered by pivot. SLX performs fantastically. fox performance and PE suspension is solid, too. the pivot seems to have nicer wheels than the GT. pivots are full carbon frames, gt has alloy rear ends (which helps offset some of the the tax of pivot's X01 price at $700 more, which i agree, is tough to swallow). it all evens out IMO which is why i called them "extremely comparable".

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Liked a comment about video Chopper-Attack Jack? Moir Wins EWS Stage 2 La Thuile Despite Helicopter in His Face 7/13/2021 9:01 AM

Discovery owns Play Sports Group, which operates GMBN. I don't think they were ever going to show EWS events on a Discovery branded channel, but they invested in the company that owns EWS, and also brought in Play Sports Group to up the production through GMBN. So yes, it's possible if this helicopter was getting footage of the race then it was in a way connected to Discovery.

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Verbl Kint

Looking forward to seeing Tegan do well. Saw him ride in 2019 and was very impressed. He's still growing but could easily keep up with the big boys.

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Liked a comment about press release Parts Unlimited and INTENSE form Exclusive Distribution Partnership for Tazer MX E-MTB 3/7/2020 6:21 PM

A big problem I see with the exclusive distribution through powersports outlets is that a new customer will possibly miss out on some bike trail knowledge that a true bike shop might have. What is a powersports shop to say when a customer asks "Can I take this on any MTB trail?" Of course they are going to say yes, any answer of 'no' will dissuade a sale. A true MTB shop might give what I believe to be the right answer, which is 'Most of the time, some areas have different restrictions, and there are some normal climbing/descending etiquette norms to follow.'

Most bike shops have so much good knowledge we MTBers take for granted, it would be a shame to lose out on that for people getting outside. For example, I took my dad out on his E-MTB, and he asked if it was alright to ride on this specific trail, and I said "Yes, but you give right of way to people climbing, and give riders space that are climbing ahead of you. It is alright to pass if you've got plenty of space." I was able to ride with my dad for the first time in 15 years because of e-bikes, so I'm down with it, but I do think it has to be done the right way. I just hope the education is there alongside the sale.

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