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Reply to First 3 EWS Rounds of 2022 (NZ and Tasmania) Postponed 8/26/2021 8:27 PM

Can we get sea otter 21 on that list, im too tired.

Reply to Snowshoe World Cup DH Finish Feature 8/26/2021 10:49 AM

Cully would have done it first run.

Reply to 2021 Red Bull Rampage Athlete List 8/11/2021 7:04 AM

So pumped to have my 6 TLD boys in! Go Brandon, Tom, Brendan, Cam, Kyle and super stoked for Jaxson Riddle to get the wild card!

Reply to Gwin not representing US at World Championships? (WTF?) 8/9/2021 11:05 AM

This situation still burns me up...and i'm old, been around DH racing since the dawn of time, NORBA before USAC ownership was a hillbilly organization, but, they cared about MTB racing and cared about DH (and slalom) but they were short staffed and underfunded ... more »

Reply to Gwin not representing US at World Championships? (WTF?) 8/8/2021 7:34 PM

Peaty was 9 times a top 5 worlds rider and 5 times a medalist-so I'd say Peaty's track record as a world championship caliber rider was very well aligned for a win.

Reply to Gwin not representing US at World Championships? (WTF?) 8/8/2021 7:50 AM

I think the only way to get another spot is when the world champs is the host nation, of which we are not. But then again, I am no USAC/UCI expert.

Reply to Gwin not representing US at World Championships? (WTF?) 8/8/2021 7:46 AM

Gutted for Austin Dooley, what a complete cluster. The strange thing is, I assumed all athletes know they have to petition for spots if not automatic qualifiers (and automatic qualifiers I think is some heavy criteria? National Champ, or podium at a ... more »

Reply to Gwin not representing US at World Championships? (WTF?) 8/7/2021 3:56 PM

super shitty situation, for these young aspiring pros to get named to the worlds team, and now someone is gonna get flicked. Not cool.

Reply to US National Champs Results and News 7/9/2021 1:58 PM

Hey, the good news is, we can watch (at a price) some live USDH, more than we can say about EWS?

Reply to US National Champs Results and News 7/9/2021 1:53 PM

too late to put a disclaimer on the video link? I am not advocating or promoting it hahaha, but, if you are a super fan-run it!

Reply to US National Champs Results and News 7/9/2021 1:12 PM

USDH! haha My missus (Leigh Donovan) is there doing the on track announcing with that bad ass announcer, Will (forgot his last name), her first gig announcing haha but she knows a thing about racing (do your homework kids). Anyway, she said there will ... more »

Reply to EWS Prize Purse is Woefully Inadequate 6/22/2021 10:26 AM

But what about all that 'discovery channel' hoopla? Will discovery do stories on the inadequate pay? The key question is, What does Sven have to say about this?

Reply to WORLD CUP DH #1 - Leogang 6/9/2021 9:53 AM

Shredder, forgot to mention Vali Holl, fastest qualifier at world champs last year in her first Elite season-yeah, she had an issue on the morning of the race (practice crash) but she was the only female sending that jump in the mud...definite contender ... more »

Reply to 700-day Lead Times on MTB Components? 5/5/2021 2:55 PM

What if some of this is fake hysteria to drive sales, feed the beast, keep the fire on, etc etc etc? Not saying supply/demand issues are not real, but, I feel like one persons 250 lead time becomes 300, then 400, etc....just in rumor mill. Also, the ... more »

Reply to Should the UCI do more double headers? (in non-pandemic years) 10/19/2020 3:36 PM

Why not have a race Sat and Sun, like BMX used to be....same tracks

Reply to Open Face Helmets 2/28/2020 9:54 PM

The scientists at Virginia Tech created their test algorithms to better simulate real world impacts and add in rotational impact (which is not required by any certifications, yet) although some do rotational testing on their own (Troy Lee for example ... more »

Reply to First World Cup DH Win? 2/24/2020 2:19 PM

I hope Luca Shaw. Also, does anyone know if a Junior-male or female has ever won a world cup in their debut elite season? Ok, well since ACC or Nico because I am sure they did haha.

Reply to Former Trek Executive's Open Letter to Bike Industry About E-Bikes 2/7/2020 10:09 PM

Generalizing everyone that has ridden an eMTB "E-MTBers act like they the exception to the rules" bullshit. As I say in every trail meeting i've been to when this is brought up, we have always had 'an asshole' problem, it existed before electrics. ... more »

Reply to 2020 Mountain Bike Team Rumors 12/31/2019 2:12 PM

Saddleback is the Intense distributor and I have heard nothing in the way of that changing, what I can speak to, is Saddleback is also our partner/distributor in the UK for Troy Lee Designs, and a fantastic partner at that. The team was funded solely ... more »

Reply to What is the Best Air Shock? 12/31/2019 11:27 AM

RockShox super deluxe ultimate on my YT jeffsy is as close to perfection as i've ever ridden.