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Started new thread damn derailleur 8/12/2019 6:32 PM

So recently I got a Vitus Nucleus VRS. Thing is great, I can shred trails like never before. I know it's lower end, but for me it was an insane upgrade. Anywho, since I got it I had a weird noise like a kid running a stick on a metal post fence in lower ... more »

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Added reply in a thread Cannondale Tire fittings 7/21/2019 5:55 PM

Yeah I figured it out after posting in several forums and digging info. Ended up getting a Vitus Nucleus VRS instead. The Cannondale maybe was higher specs but ahhh, a + just is too sluggish for me! Decided to wait longer on shipping and just get what ... more »

Started new thread Cannondale Tire fittings 7/17/2019 7:27 PM

I am picking up a 2017 Beast of the East 3 on Sunday. It comes with 2.8" tires, and the bike is very geared towards being somewhat a fat tire bike. I'm wondering if it would be able to accommodate a more traditional sized tire as well (2.25, 2.35). I ... more »

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Started new thread Chainreaction Restock 7/13/2019 10:47 PM

Trying to score a Vitus Nucleus (who isn't) but all sold out. Any idea when they shall return so I don't buy a lesser value bike?

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Started new thread Good mail orders? 5/26/2019 6:51 PM

I don’t have a lbs near me, and was wondering what sites you guys use for odds and ends? Such as tires of stems etc

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Started new thread Not another "what bike should I get" thread (it is) 5/19/2019 4:08 PM

Hi all. Just came over after years on vitalbmx. I'm getting older and am feeling like its time to officially transfer over and take mtb riding serious. At the moment I'm on Mackinac island which is bikes only and horses. No cars. So I've become well ... more »

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