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Spank-Mike D

Hi Baramats....sorry to contact you here, but could not find your email. Could you please email us at ?

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Added a new video "Sik Mik" Hannah and Forrest Riesco Spank Whistler 9/11/2013 1:45 AM

Spank Industries' riders Michael Hannah (Hutchinson UR Team) and Forrest Riesco (Canadian National DH Team), recently teamed up during Crankworx Whistler, to give some insight into the grassroots team at Spank Industries, and what support programs like this mean to young, up and coming riders.

Mick needs no introduction, "the Chuck Norris of Mountain Bikes", and silver medalist in this year's World Championships. Huge props to Mick for everything he has accomplished!

Mick powers through the woods at the 2013 PMB UCI World Champs

Forrest Riesco joined the Spank Industries Grassroots Team in 2010. His dedication to training, competition, promotional activities, and community service made him an obvious choice as a young ambassador. Through a lot of hard work, Forrest climbed his way through the junior ranks in Canada, and through the GR roster with Spank, earning a spot on the Canadian National DH Team and a pro position with Spank in 2012! Forrest exemplifies all that is good in our sport, and Spank is proud to be behind him!

Forrest pumps past Hecklers Rock on his way to 15tth in the 2013 Canadian Open – photo Stephen McCabe Forrest pumps past Hecklers Rock on his way to 15tth in the 2013 Canadian Open – photo Stephen McCabe

Spank Industries accepts Grassroots program rider applications in Oct each season. For more information on the Spank "Disciples" or how to apply, please contact or visit our website

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Added a comment about news blog 2012 Port Angeles MTB Grand Prix Downhill Results, Stevie Smith and Jill Kintner Win 4/30/2012 1:52 AM
Spank-Mike D

Canadian Ripper Remi Gauvin...just 3 seconds off the podium! Nice one!
Big props to Mick Hannah...Hutchinson United firmly in the lead right now for UCI teams! Too bad Tracy didn't make it to USA. She has the potential to win every race she enters!

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