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It's No Secret: SOURCE Hydration Technology 1

Here’s some background why riders around the world prefer our SOURCE Widepac hydration systems, why our Source Hydration Systems repeatedly get “Best in Test” results and why even the US Backpacker Magazine calls our reservoir the “better bladder”. 

The tester of the good old and highly esteemed U.S. Backpacker Magazine kept fresh water in our Source WLP for eight (8!) weeks and confirmed quite surprised: the water still tasted like fresh water. No surprise to us!

“Source says their reservoirs don’t need to be cleaned or emptied after use to prevent slime buildup. Our tester left water in the Source WLP for eight weeks without cleaning and reported no stinky taste or smell.”

The water in the Source bladder still tasted like water. While the same test stated: “Water left in a large competitors bladder for three weeks became musty.” The same results - and sometimes positively surprised look from people who are used to other bladders -  we get from many other testers and more importantly of course from SOURCE customers around the world. 

This unique Source advantage is owed to our unique TasteFree™ System. 

What is the Source TasteFree™ System all about?

One of the reasons Source bladders provide healthier and tastier hydration: we’re the only ones using PE (Polyethylene) film for the reservoirs. A material that offers plenty advantages by itself.

Additionally, due to our GlassLike™ Film Technology, our reservoir is too smooth for bio-film to build up. The surface of our multi-layer Polyethylene film for the SOURCE hydration bladders is almost as smooth as glass. The microscopic detail is one of the key elements for long-lasting taste-free and hygienic storage of liquids. Thanks to this smooth surface all our reservoirs are practically self-cleaning. 

To visualize the fact, we had specialists perform microscopic imaging of our bladder’s surface:

Smooth tastes good …

Thanks to our GrungeGuard™ technology the anti-microbial agent is embedded in the actual film of the bladder. It’s not just a coating! That makes a world of difference: the protection does not wear off with time – making the bladder long-lasting and practically care-free.

Easy handling and care: It’s the original Widepac!

Last but not least: Our customers and testers all love the easy handling of our Widepac Hydration Systems. Amongst other details, we invented the original Widepac opening – Source reservoirs open wide like a paper bag. A feature that others have tried to copy.

The original Widepac opening allows easy access for filling, emptying and drying. Closing the bladder with the patented Source Wideslide is fast and easy.

One of last year's new products: Widepac with integrated filter. Fill from any stream - and drink filtered water ..

Invent, Test, Launch - Repeat 

The Widepac opening, the Wideslide (patented), the Quick Connect, the Universal Tube Adaptor (patented), the Convertube: All these and many more products and features were invented by Source. Try us! Find the full line of products on Sign up to our newsletter and follow us on to get the latest product news and great deals on SOURCE Hydration!


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