The D|Vide Success Story = SOURCE Hydration x 2 4

Our SOURCE D|Vide reservoir proved to be an instant success.

The D|Vide Success Story = SOURCE Hydration x 2

A few years ago, SOURCE developers started working on an idea that other brands had tried before. Their products failed in the market. Was it a bad idea – or did the other developers not get the product right?  

The idea was simple and straightforward: carry two sources of hydration in one bladder, and have both drinks easily accessible at all times.

As we manufacture our hydration systems here in the SOURCE HQ, we have a very short way to go when driving an idea from the first sketches to a physical product ready for testing on the trail.

Obviously, all the SOURCE Hydration Technology advantages would also apply to this new reservoir: Low Maintenance, Zero Taste and GrungeGuard, including the GlassLike Surface that prevents the Hydration Systems to grow bacteria.

Fill the two compartments...

... and close like any other Widepac.

We examined and tested various prototypes - eventually deciding to keep it as simple as possible. No switch, no split tube, no parts that would be difficult to clean and maintain.

All the parts and technology we put in the new D|Vide were tested (and appreciated) millions of times around the globe in our classic Widepac. We just x2 it.

We added one blue and one orange drinking tube to the two chambers for the athlete to easily distinguish the drinks. We expected isotonic drink and pure water to be the two most likely candidates for the two compartments. Since then we learned about many more uses for the concept, such as sharing a drink with a loved one.

When we launched the idea with our riders and a list of bloggers we received immediately great feedback. In a pre-sale before the winter-holidays we sold out the first batch.

Since then the D|Vide 2 in 1 Hydration System has become one of our most recognized products.

Two tube and two independent compartments that can be filled 50:50 or 70:30 or 20:80 to add up to a full bladder. Whatever the weather and whatever you're planning, you can also just use it as a regular hydration system with just one reservoir/tube.

If you leave the second tube at home, the reservoir's weight is almost the same as a single-chamber bladder.

Find the D|Vide and more SOURCE Hydration innovations on

SOURCE D|Vide 2 in 1 Widepac Hydration System

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  • spammyg

    6/18/2017 8:56 PM

    ive got one of these, and cant recommend it more, the flow of liquid is great, and you can also vary the flow. theye are super easy to fill up, and also to clean mold!!!
    love it

  • liquidSpin

    6/17/2017 5:47 AM

    While I don't really care about having two sources of hydration with 2 valve hoses what I do care about is the "Glass like technology" that keeps bacteria from growing on the inside. That...That's awesome and I wish my hydration bladder had that too.

  • ElPapiDelFlow

    6/16/2017 1:41 PM

    so, what did they do differently for it to be a success?

  • SourceOutdoor

    8/8/2017 4:40 AM

    @ElPapiDelFlow see above. What isn't mentioned in the article (and what we honestly didn't expect in development): the D|Vide inspires people to all sort of comments about drinks that go together well. Check our posts on Facebook for all the comments riders come up with ..

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