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Looks like a carbon DH concept bike from 1994 with new components on it.

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Here is the video that I took of the crash.

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A young Spiderman tries to bail himself out, but hasn't mastered control of his web shooters yet.

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Oh geeze. I guess we'd better update the terms and conditions on Bar Drag Bounty entries...

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I believe they rate difficulty mostly based on the man made features. So a mandatory drop or gap automatically is rated pretty high on difficulty. Gotta think about all the less hardcore mtb'ers that rent a demo bike for the day.

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Goomba stomp

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Good god... I ride with Mitch all the time, and I'm continually amazed at this kids talent. DH, Pumptrack, DJ, street, it doesn't matter. Amazing skills.

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Haters gonna hate. You think Sam Hill gets his extra speed from a can of Monster? Just enjoy the video.

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Never mind. I found out what powder coating will do the the lowers. Looks like automotive paint is the best option.

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I think this is ironic and funny. I doubt Speed Energy will be successful even if "S" didn't copyright the logo. Specialized can show they've had their "S" logo for many years before Speed Energy even existed. I'm no lawyer, but I don't see this case ... more »

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I have a bike I'm prepping to sell, and the fork is in great shape (except for the rattle can paint job). The fork was white, is now powder blue, or was until I began stripping the paint. Has anyone powder coated fork lowers before? I will remove the ... more »

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Seriously? Cove thinks those names are a little over the line.

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Greg Minnaar - 4:27.53
Rachel Atherton - 4:57.37

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Bummer. Maybe if you pay to watch Warner won't have to self-censor his commentary...

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Re: Utah DH Series My perspective is a bit different from Jack's WD. This was the wettest year ever for the Utah DH Series, but I competed in all except 2 races (one weekend, two races in Wyoming). My memory is a little suspect, but it seems like we ... more »

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This has given me much to think about. I fell into the illusion of being "sponsored" and bought some gear at a discount because it allowed me to get more stuff for my $. After reading this I kind of feel dirty, but who's going to turn down a good discount? ... more »