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he's ripping harder than 99% would on anything smaller, and id bet if this bike wasn't out yet and no one knew he was on a 29er there wouldn't be a single neg comment....

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One could argue that the sport is more mature and the riders are training harder now vs the early 90's. Doesn't matter- both Tomac and Graves are legends.

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what you guys probably don't realize is that CRC asked that the news and press release not go out until jan 1. the sites that posted the press release early cut the course which is super lame. i'm sure most of you don't really care, but Vital respects the wishes of CRC and we are playing by the rules and staying on the course. we'll have the press release up when it's "legal" along with some special Q&A.

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Funny, this guy kinda looks like lawwill, I say we set Cam and Zink up on a ski ramp and let them have some fun...

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You guys are worrying a bit too much about that...

1. Some of those wood features are below where the contest area ended before, or just at the bottom, so if anything they extend out the area.
2. This is the third year they've had it in the same area. A majority of the lines you will see have already been built by THE RIDERS, there's only so many different lines you can build.
3. Don't underestimate the riders and their creativity. I'm guessing you've never been to the site before but there's a LOT of area to work with even though there are a few pre-built features (did you not watch Darren's run in 2010?).
4. It makes it better for spectators which, as I know you will say its not about the spectators, its about the riders... well in theory yes it should always be about the riders but in every major event in practically any sport, spectator numbers is what makes the financiers (the sponsors) happy and coming back to make the event happen. Its the natural progression of ANY contest and who knows, maybe it will be moved to a completely fresh venue eventually.

So settle down and enjoy this because this is still nothing like any slope contest despite a few pre-built features... you're really overreacting, haha.

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