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Narbaix and Nico Tikhomiroff ride a secret place in the France Alps

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Sprung 3 got me mountain biking!

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10 lines in the Crater with MTB rider Cody Gessel Meet Cody Gessel: a wild wonder from Salt Lake City who loves to ride fast and get air on his bike, and the best part about Cody; he always has a smile on his face. Enjoy watching Cody shred at Woodward West. Filmed/ edited: Sebastian Smith

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Added a new video Two in two for Rheeder at Vienna Air King 4/8/2014 5:06 PM

Brett Rheeder notched up a second successive win at Vienna Air King after a thrilling afternoon of competition at the Rathausplatz in Vienna on Sunday. With bad weather conditions overhead threatening the event, organizers managed to get the 15 qualifiers to complete two runs before the heavens opened and heavy rain brought an end to the competition. The judges therefore called the result on the best scores achieved by riders on their first two runs and a super final of the top scoring six riders didn’t take place. After an average first run the pressure was on Brett to perform to get into the super final. He was up to the challenge as he pulled out a second run that saw him executing a massive flip whip, a cork 720 and a frontflip barspin over the course’s three jumps. The Canadian took the victory in Vienna ahead of Szymon Godziek and Thomas Genon.

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Watch out for Bernardo, he is gunning for the whip off world champs at Crankworx this year!

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FMB World Tour: Factory Team Ranking 2014
(Press Release)

3/24/2014 2:05 PM

Adam Hauck's Winter Instagram Video Slaughtering
(Feature Story)

2/25/2014 10:34 AM

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One could argue that the sport is more mature and the riders are training harder now vs the early 90's. Doesn't matter- both Tomac and Graves are legends.

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More of that please!

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180 whip in the dirt...YES!

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We hit the trails at Mountain Creek Bike Park (MCBP) on Bikes, Snowboards and Ski Bikes! It was an amazing hour of shredding before the mountain opens to the public. Thanks again MCBP and Nismsnow for keeping the feeling alive in the winter!

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Check out Jed Mildon, Zack Warden and Cam McCaul showing what Nitro style is really about as they rip it up around Pastranaland.

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When an old dog tries a new trick, sometimes the bite is worse than the bark. #allhailvoreis as he has more fun than all of us combined.

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Awesome! Much respect Sven!

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Hell Yeah Van Dine!!

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Dang, the Icon Sender landing looks narrow for how massive it is. I hope there is no side wind when Zink loops that thing!

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