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Reply to Tired of black wheels... on everything 11/23/2020 7:30 AM

I want polished mtb rims sooo bad.
Reply to I don't like the direction of modern trail building 11/17/2020 6:56 AM

People only build raw singletrack where I live and it is all steep. I am more and more grateful for this. Live next to a prestigious bike park, had a flow trail at one time but it is no longer so flowy lol.

Reply to Sram Guide RSC lever upgrade? 11/16/2020 8:11 AM

I had guide REs and I thought upgrading to rsc lever was a good idea. I broke one of the new levers on the first ride. Now i have an R lever on one side and RSC on the other, cannot tell the difference when Im riding.

Reply to I don't like the direction of modern trail building 11/16/2020 8:08 AM

Dude,you need to head out west more often. Gamby has always been pretty tame in my experience, but I havent been there in a year or two.

Reply to Michelin tires thread! 11/12/2020 11:57 AM

I've been on the wilds for almost a year, huge fan. The DH22 is on another level though, I'd do DH22 with no insert over the wild with cushcore, but they are so expensive and I already have cushcore.

Reply to The mostest for the leastest. 11/4/2020 7:16 AM

Nukeproof makes some of the cheapest bikes if you live in the US. I got a 2019 carbon mega for just over 3k, havent changed a part on it besides suspension revalve and cushcore.

Reply to Best Or Worst Bike Mods and Riding Accessories 9/30/2020 2:01 PM

DH tires!

Reply to How do you clean/lube your chain? 9/9/2020 11:26 AM

I don't ever clean mine and they seem to last a pretty long time. Just lube it every ride with tri-flow or similar, check with pedros checker and ride. The eagle gx chains last a really long time for me, and I pack them tight with mud 10 months of the ... more »

Reply to Evolution of MTBs 9/9/2020 7:32 AM

How do you keep from nuking the exo tires? You could run DH casings and still have a really light bike, trust me they are worth the weight. Light tires are nonsense on anything but an xc bike, or I guess if your trails are perfectly smooth exo is fine, ... more »

Reply to 27.5 Front Tire Opinions 8/25/2020 6:41 AM

Michelin wild enduro is a killer mud tire if you are looking for a cheaper option. Definitely not my first choice in hard dry conditions though.

Reply to How Many Of Ya'll Enjoy Underbiking? I Know I Do... :) 8/12/2020 1:47 PM

so this is gravel biking......

Reply to Honor & Enduro Racing 8/6/2020 12:59 PM

This happens at the dry hill NW cups all the time. A few brave souls show up weeks early to push their DH bikes up the hill a few times a day until the race rolls around. These folks rarely have great performances on race day. I ride these trails almost ... more »

Reply to PSA: Rockshox lower leg 7/29/2020 7:52 AM

Same goes for pivot bearings. Pack tight with grease when the bike is still fresh and they will last at least twice as long. You don't even have to remove the bearings, just pop the seals off and use a syringe.

Reply to STFU Chain Damper 7/27/2020 7:15 AM

The foam roadie grip tape is the best stuff I ever used to quiet chain slap. It weighs next to nothing and will hold up for a long time, just wrap your stays!

Reply to Michelin Wild enduro vs Maxxis assegai/dhr2 7/27/2020 7:02 AM

I have ridden both combos exensively, used maxxis DD front back, now wilds front back. The wilds are harder to flat than the DD maxxis, but they don't offer as much sidewall support. Hard to believe they are more reliable, but they have proven themselves ... more »

Reply to is more expensive stuff worth it ? 6/9/2020 8:17 AM

I've found that there is generally only one length of chain that works with 12 speed drivetrains. Add or subtract a link and it won't work at one end of the cassette. 50 tooth sprockets are objectively huge and it's hard to take up that much slack. I ... more »

Reply to RockShox Fork Dampers 5/21/2020 2:23 PM

Good to have a nice inch lb torque wrench, but not necessary if you have a decent feel for what like 7 inch lbs feels like. You can check out the install instructions on push's website, there are pictures and stuff. The hardest part was finding enough ... more »

Reply to RockShox Fork Dampers 5/21/2020 7:34 AM

Yep, took about an hour and a half and it was the first time I ever took a charger 2 apart, but I have rebuilt a few of the older charger dampers. Good instructions, only shims you need to mess with are on the rebound piston, and there are like 4 total ... more »

Reply to RockShox Fork Dampers 5/20/2020 7:19 AM

Older debonair spring is not bad, people used to pay Vorsprung good money to give their forks a couple mm of static sag. Charger 2 lets these forks down more than anything, charger 2.1 is an improvement, but still needs to be oversprung to prevent dive. ... more »

Reply to RockShox Fork Dampers 5/19/2020 7:08 AM

You could probably solve the sag issue from the old spring by packing grease on the negative side of the piston.