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My bike has a front suspension Fox grip2 with excursion 180mm and should have a HTA of 64. You did well to buy the Mega 275, it's a great bike....

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Vic690 Nuke Proof MEGA
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I almost said the same thing lol. Not trying to put anyone down, but if you want to race in far flung destinations you have already proven to have a pretty massive commitment to this whole cycling thing, why not just race a normal bike? Im thinking there ... more »

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2020 He'll ride a mullet bike. Because he's a bad man. And Nukeproof needs sales.

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Dropped pressure from 25/30 to 23/26 and I am very happy with these in the currently slick conditions of the trails I ride. I think bad bike setup is partially to blame for my initial high speed wash outs. Figuring out suspension on new bike(dropped ... more »

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Same thing here! Except I hit a cow with a car, and it only exploded my eye socket and maxilla. Only took 6 surgeries, so Im wearing a half shell still lol. Seriously though, this helmet, or a full face would have saved me.

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and it's only a yz125 lol

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Huh! It does feel like traction suffers on rocks especially, and these are the gum tires. I think Im gonna throw a DHF up front and just run these both as rears. Thanks guys

Started new thread Michelins in the PNW?? 9/25/2019 12:05 PM

Long story short, got a brand new bike with michelin WiLd Enduro tires. Couldnt complain too much when it was still dry, and had one hero dirt bike park day where I was also pleased with their performance. Since the rains have come, I have been repeatedly ... more »

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So, pulled the trigger on a shorter bike and Im stoked. I lost about an inch of wheelbase and I think over an inch of ETT, reach maybe is half an inch shorter. Back feels much better, can power through the end of climbs without muscles tightening ... more »
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nukeproof mega carbon  275

Have you measured the HTA? Seems to be some discrepancy as geo chart says 65, but reviews claiming anywhere between 65 and 64.

Asking because I just ordered one and Im super anxious to ride it lol.

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There are limits to everything. They probably got too many returns at 200. Engineering = physics = production = warranty = better product.

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2017 Transition Patrol
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Get patrol

I've been in love with the older generation patrols for years. Still haven't had a proper ride on the new bike, but parking lot tests tell me the geo is better.
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Santa Cruz Super 8
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Radially compliant rims will require a lot more maintenance I think. Moto wheels are an adjust spokes every ride kind of deal (motocross).

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I went full die hard on too small bike for a while(medium kona process), finally decided to try bigger (L patrol). I liked the L patrol so much that I just had to keep going lol, so I test ride the XL a few times and end up switching. My fork ... more »