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I have replaced levers because of this issue before. The last time it happened I just disassembled the lever and dripped some brake fluid down onto the plastic piston. It has been dialed ever since, doesn't get super hot here though.

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Hell yea! I'm gonna try to convince someone to tow me now.

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Has anyone ever tried to pull a friend uphill with their Ebike? I've been afraid to ask anyone in real life, but it seems like it could be done. A few years ago I had a Klx110 that was used to shuttle two DH bikes at a time, this little bike probably ... more »

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My old man has similar bike setup. He has air shocks, but still carbon patrol with exo casings. He rides serious trails that give most of us flats w/o inserts, but he doesn't ever flat because he never pushes as hard. Im actually pretty jealous that he gets away with it, and I dont think heavier casings would improve his riding at all.

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Yeah, confusing. Why would you want a dual-coil 160mm travel enduro bike with snakeskin XC tires on it? Seems like you could put real tires with real sidewalls on that bike and still have a light bike. Or if you don't need real tires where you ride, maybe you can also get away with a shorter travel bike?

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You basically have to buy the Yakuza at this point. All these bikes bring back fond memories, but if you bought a used enduro bike from the last couple years it would probably serve you better. You'll be able to climb stuff, and it will descend at least ... more »

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This whole album is awesome. Props on the SX trail, beatiful ride.

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Double coil and still under 30lbs. Well done. That tire spec is scary though...

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Ebikes are the privatest of private clubs. Just try and get those guys to wait around for you at the top of the climbs, not happening lol. Also the price of admission is a little higher.

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These stupid Mo-peds (that's what they are) are hurting trail access for ALL mtb'er's.

Unless you're disabled or over 75 years old, get your fat ass in shape, learn to ride, and pedal, suffer, push to the top. If you're one of those, "they're so fun! you don't get...more

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Great article and totally agree. People who like riding these boat anchors were the guys who sucked on normal bikes.

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Who’s a triggered moran?