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Reply to Loris Vergier has a 27.5 and 29er Santa Cruz V10 at Val di Sole 8/25/2017 11:20 AM

A snapped frame based upon that crash is not a surprise in the least. Between the g-out, highside, and his legs slingshotting that into the tree, what could be expected of it? Glad Greg is OK. What is even more amazing. Doug put together a new frame ... more »

Reply to HOLY S#!T! Kyle Mears is Gnarly 1/6/2017 8:49 AM

It is pretty damn steep from what I have seen. Kenny Smith rode it a few years ago for a SRAM ad I believe

Reply to Cracked Frame? 9/26/2016 7:17 AM

Looks like just a scratch.

Reply to Show Us Your Shuttle Vehicle 5/13/2016 1:58 PM

2012 Cadillac CTS V Wagon though I picked up a pick up last fall so it is less frequently used for shuttling
Reply to slack, long-travel, pedal-able 29ers? 3/21/2016 1:25 PM

I have been loving my Canfield Riot. The rear end works incredibly well through the rough and nasty, jumps well, and really enjoying the short chainstays

Reply to Spy Shots: New Prototype Fox Fork on Atherton Bike 5/28/2012 7:08 PM

So does Noah Sears!

Reply to Chatel Mountain Style 7/4/2011 9:47 AM

Qualifying was actually seeding. All invited riders were qualified for finals. Everyone except Sam took a seeding run, since he didn't he was seeded last and ran first in finals.

Reply to Chatel Mountain Style 6/30/2011 12:23 PM

Just scoped the course today, to say its steep would be a HUGE understatement. its insane, and awesome. Some of the rocks/corners/lines are gnarly. Definitely stoked for the event and practice tomorrow.

Reply to 9-36 tooth cassette and 2012 Specialized Enduro 6/28/2011 5:59 AM

That is awesome! Definitely a proper step for trail bikes. I am running a 34 front with 11x34 10 sp on my Covert, wouldn't mind going to a 30 front and still having that tough gear for fast decents.

Reply to New indoor park in Portland - the Lumberyard 5/11/2011 1:29 PM

Sick! We need this in Colorado

Reply to Sea Otter just around the corner 4/3/2011 8:26 PM

Im going, its my first Sea Otter

Reply to Is 4X dying? 3/30/2011 9:16 PM

It won't die if we keep talking about it... lol I prefer slalom, but 4x is easier for people to watch and understand. Courses could be better, but I would argue that they are

Reply to Valmont Bike Park progress 3/25/2011 1:38 PM

The park is huge, the picture shows just a taste. What is not shown is the singletracks, cyclocross stuff, two pumptracks, dirt jumps, wallrides... Its an amazing park, I cant wait for it to open!

Reply to Yeti's take on racing / Gwin / rider development 3/18/2011 7:06 PM

Good read, he explains it like it is, and where his company stands with regards to the industry, the team riders, and the company's goals. The letter/blog could have used some proofreading and editing prior to posting though

Reply to Tires for Bootleg Canyon 12/30/2010 7:29 PM

Agreed with Turman, its all about the casing at Bootleg. The terrain destroys tire tread and sidewalls, so don't try and run a single ply or anything light, run durable for sure. I have run Minions and High Rollers with luck, Intense 2 and 4 plys with ... more »

Reply to 2009 Custom Kona Cowen 12/28/2010 5:23 PM

just a heads up, page not found on that link

Reply to All-Mountain Tires? 12/6/2010 9:23 AM

Minion EXO DHF, its a 2.5 but pretty darn light and tons of traction. Minion 2.35 DHF or High Roller 2.35 rear. They dont roll like XC tires, but the trails I ride them on require some meat for the descents, so I just deal with the added heft of these ... more »

Reply to Kryptonite / Bikerevolution introduce bike theft recovery system 11/10/2010 3:41 PM

Solar! Certainly lots of potential problems, but could work pretty sweet

Reply to Kryptonite / Bikerevolution introduce bike theft recovery system 11/10/2010 3:01 PM

Next option, a small chip that can be put into the bb shell or something that connects to your smart phone and has a GPS piece, it tracks location, mileage, altitude... lead you directly to your stolen bike? Crap, I should have patented that prior to ... more »

Reply to Kryptonite / Bikerevolution introduce bike theft recovery system 11/10/2010 1:26 PM

I kinda figured something like that, they dont mess around with protecting bikes, so thats awesome. I musta missed that when I skimmed the article. This is sick