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A snapped frame based upon that crash is not a surprise in the least. Between the g-out, highside, and his legs slingshotting that into the tree, what could be expected of it? Glad Greg is OK. What is even more amazing. Doug put together a new frame ... more ยป

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My guess is that the "Boxxer 29" is actually Boxxer legs and internals with a Lyrik Boost casting and custom crowns. Why? Get your rags ready, because your heads about to explode; that looks like a 15mm axle.

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This is awesome!

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How is it even possible, to be that young and constantly reinvent yourself-raising the bar every time. He is the best bike rider-ever.

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Because that video is perfection EDITING whereas slopestyle is real time life unfolding. All of the tricks are crazy good, but the during is so seamless that we enjoy it as a flawless run. They spliced together however many takes it took to get it right and made...more

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Two North American events? That's a bit of a bummer to see.

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Think he put his gf's jeans on by mistake

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It is pretty damn steep from what I have seen. Kenny Smith rode it a few years ago for a SRAM ad I believe

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Loved my first gen V10. How the hell did we ride with bars that narrow?!

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Looks like just a scratch.

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Certainly understand your point. Keep in mind what you are advocating makes frames and bikes ultimately more expensive. By at least doubling the number of rear end molds carbon frame makers would need, you add to the tooling cost, MOQs, design and testing, and inventory. That all equals greater cost which always gets passed to the consumer. Obviously that isn't arguing the pros or cons of longer stays, just pointing out the additional piece to consider...

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2012 Cadillac CTS V Wagon though I picked up a pick up last fall so it is less frequently used for shuttling
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I can't even take the rest of this article seriously after your Moab introduction. So lets look into my crystal ball... You decided to pedal the whole Porcupine loop instead of paying for a shuttle = amateur. Based on your dehydration, I can assume you brought maybe a couple water...more

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Killer build on a rippin bike!

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Rad shred sled Gerry!

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I have been loving my Canfield Riot. The rear end works incredibly well through the rough and nasty, jumps well, and really enjoying the short chainstays

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"coming it at 507g with a 32t direct mount ring. This compared to the other offerings on the market is very competitive, coming in roughly 40g lighter than another key manufacturer's carbon crank"

Really?? More like 60 grams heavier than the benchmark!

Better options abound....

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You might put the Morsa on the front and the Goma in the back. I would put them both in the garbage.