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Last summer I saw Chris Canfield on an aluminum high pivot enduro bike at a bike race. Would be pretty cool to see Revel try their hand at a HP enduro race bike!

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36lbs is VERY normal for a properly equipped enduro bike. The lighter ones have parts that wont hold up (especially tires) and are expensive builds (most riders can't all afford high end cassettes and wheels that save weight). For most people, this is the actual weight of an...more

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Might be old news, but the photos of Loris’ bike offer a view of the New RS shock that I hadn’t seen before. Top dial adjusts HBO. Hydraulic bottom out adjustment or is it something else? ... more »

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He has HBO channels on his shock? That’s next level. Could that be a hydraulic bottom out adjustment?

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Silas Streeter

I’m not a racer of any quality, but I like the idea of getting more ride time in even if you’re fully smoked from a big ride. Seems like the main benefit is in training you can meter your wattage while still getting to ride fun trails. But playing the devil’s advocate, why not get on a road bike for a while to get the effort in and then just shuttle some trails and maybe get even more ride time in descending on your race bike. Seems like a fun tool to have in the quiver if you have the coin for it, but maybe not necessarily the most cost effective. Excited to see how you do, best of luck!

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The absence of Twinloc on the Gambler is similarly inexcusable.

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His rims sound like they might not last very long haha

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Silas Streeter

Curious where you found your happy place was with damping on this fork versus the Lyrik. I’m a heavier rider and almost always ended up 0 from closed on my Boxxer and Lyrik RCT3. Hoping they’ve moved the range of damping or at least expanded it. Any thoughts on this?

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I would love to hear about the different oils that are used in the suspension, how they differ in purpose and also maybe hear about how you either develop them or how you choose them from a developer.

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Makes you wonder if people would play around with the angle of the lever based on a track’s steepness much like handlebar height. Not drastic changes but to overall be in better line to support themselves while riding a steep track or a flatter track. Or maybe that’s too much nerdery

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I like stiff springs with a lot of volume spacers, closed dampers, 2 ply tires at 30 PSI, and cushcore.