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 Stumpjumper S Works 27.5
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irregardless of the bike i hope gee slays this WC season - would love to see him back in the running at any race.

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Salsa Mukluk Redbull F1
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Pinoy Fugitive
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RAAW Madonna
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Great interview and information. Truly impressive how much work goes into dialing his bike in. But I still wonder how much of having the "smoothest looking bike on the WCDH circuit" can be attributed to Loic's ability to ride and his level of control? Not at all trying to...more

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Gary Laser Eyes
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Santa Cruz Superlight
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2019 GT Force Carbon Pro LTS
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Tia Juana
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NS Bikes Fuzz -  custom painted
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Cotic new Rocket Max
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The Rasta Throttle
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Rurok Cordillera V1.1
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Marino Custom Single Pivot (v2)
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2019 Specialized Stumpjumper Evo
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