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Added a comment about feature Op-Ed - DON’T SPOIL THE RESULTS IN THE TITLE 9/18/2019 4:37 AM

I understand how annoying it must be to receive emails like this. Somebody obviously ranting and not caring to properly explain their viewpoint.

On the other hand, perhaps Peter already tried to avoid social media and many websites to achieve his goal. Only to see the suspense for the replay ruined at the glance of a news outlet like vital. Ok, first world problem for sure.

But the internet brought about the chance to get a semi-live experience by watching a replay hours later. Why not embrace this new viewing profile, as something like that hasnt existed beforehand (bar the mentioned VHS tapes). There is a need to accommodate these people.

While I reject the tone of voice that Peter delivered, what's wrong in being a welcoming and understanding portal, one that let's the user decide what they want to see?

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Cheers. The three of us spend a bit of time on it. Usually around 2-3 am each night. We debate argue and democratically decide what makes the cut. Many good shots don't see the light of day, its all about the story telling and not about the shots.

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Lapierre - We have the tallest top tube

GT - Hold my beer

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Haythornthwaite claims, unbeknownst to him, Gee tested the 160mm Robot on the hardline course aka beat the shit out of it and it held.

Added reply in a thread 2019 Racing Rumors 1/24/2019 9:35 PM

Gwin back to Trek. You heard it here first.

Added reply in a thread 2019 Racing Rumors 1/18/2019 12:45 PM

Just that the ol' baggy moto style feels quite outdated by now. No need for sausage-skinsuits, but modern slim fit looks great for racers.

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we miss you

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Wasn't the special thing about Athertons and Merida that they have established quite a tight link over the years? If so, I doubt the Athertons would just buy frames from Merida. That would make it more of a "let's sneak a Merida DH bike into the market ... more »

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Knolly Fugitive LT
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Those manual machines? Not sure how people wanting to practice manuals in their living room is a thumbs down, but whatever, hater

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C6 dwr

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Unchained Commencal
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Iceman, there are a lot of thoughtful reasons in your response in favor of attending the bike launch. I've never thought about the value to a tech editor of touching and seeing a bike in person. Similarly, seeing a World Cup race up close and personal will change the way you...more

Added reply in a thread The Original (and Simplest?) Dropper Post? The Hite-Rite 4/5/2018 3:20 PM

I remember when we were 14 years old that for quite a while we actually made fun of these hite-rites. "Why adjust your saddle on the fly?" little did we understand their future significance...

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Turner DHR v5.0
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Turner DHR
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Four bar? It looks like a single pivot with a linkage drivin shock.

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