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The front end is the business end,and the party is in the rear :-)

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as said in the slideshow, he was 13th. had two crashes and recently getting over the flu. hit that full results link up there or right here

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Initial thought,where is Sam Hill's name?!

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Owner of four dogs here.none are actual trail dogs but my god you should see the bichon frise chasing me at full tilt down anything it's an impressive sight and he loves to run. Whereas the bull mastiff,she would let you leave her and not bat an eyelid lol same with the Jack Russell mix he will do what drama does it's so funny

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I dunno man, I ride a 16' reign and I swopped out the stock 40mm stem for a 30mm and I found myself 'driving' the front of the bike more. I started really leaning into corners pushing that front end. Whereas if you have a longer stem you might not 'drive' the same and be thinking 'oh I've a long stem that will sort out the front end weight distribution. Bascily the shorter stem has made me drive my bike better in and out of corners.

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Experienced this here in Ireland recently, a well used EWS stage had wire mesh pulled up on a small bridge and sent me OTB. Cracked a rib and fairly banged up as a result. People who do these things are clearly in a bad state of mind. Seems to me that ... more ยป

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Mean looking Trance man!
How did you make the XT shifter work that way for the dropper??

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Wow!! He's like oh shit I gotta clip in before the huck and before he knew it he's upside down! Should Egg him on even more!!

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