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Demetri was too fast for photos, eh?

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Wish we'd gotten bike geometry right the first time in 1990 but it takes some tweaking ya know?

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Your article was enlightening. I have been struggling to understand the antipathy towards e-bikes and I think you've highlighted it - culture. There would appear to be a feeling that e-bikes don't fit an idealized notion of mountain bike culture and might bring people to the trails who aren't like “us" - who might drive a Porsche and not know who Steve Peat is. While I'm not excited for the trails to be more crowded either, living in the US, I think I've had my fill of culture wars and political tribalism the last few years and would rather at least attempt to understand or accept than just loudly hate. Even if “we” don’t like it, the trails are not the sole domain of those who ride enduro bikes (not the fuel burning ones that cut many of the trails from which they are now banned) and cliquish bullying is tiresome.

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And here I thought most of the e-MTB haters were on Pinkbike...

Aside from whatever laws are in place in certain locations, I don't get why so many people have the need to try to dictate what can be ridden on a mountain, what makes you "part of mainstream culture" or what-not. Does it really bother you so much that someone else is enjoying riding they way they want to enjoy it? Some people use the "you should earn the ride by climbing" argument, some people use the "if it has a motor it's a moped" argument, some people use the "you're lazy or fat or out of shape" argument... it's just sad.

I agree with one of the comments below - this "article" does show that it’s still a long way to go for the US and especially for US journalists to understand/accept that there's other things someone can ride on a mountain. Over in Europe and parts of Asia when I was overeas there's no e-MTB hate, there's no nitpicking about "what's mainstream" or what's selling more.

Side observation: One of the points of argument in the above article "Vital MTB's reader survey trends" shows two things:

A. Yes, this only reflects the people who took a VitalMTB survey, not the rest of the world. and
B. Of all those lines on the graph, there's only one in the last 3 years that is going upward.

So I guess what's alarming is just how "passionate" the anti-eMTB people are to comment against everything and anything related to e-MTB, especially here in the US.

And just for transparency I own a regular mountain bike, an e-mountain bike, a flat bar road bike, and an enduro 250cc motorcycle... and an e-mountain bike is in no way the same as a motorcycle. Oh well.

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Disagree with the stance of this article from an opinion basis, but there is also numerous incorrect pieces of info, I also do not appreciate Vital's choice of image for the lead (Racer guy hammering, and some dude bobbling on a roach emtb with no helmet, no proper attire, etc....that misleads the reader that all people on an eMTB are this guy).
It is not a different sport and its as much as a different tool as a hardtail XC bike is to a 160mm trail bike. You are a test rider, and all you came away with is "heavy, slow and not fun"? you must be a hit at parties! because my experience as a 3 decade long cyclist of all types of bikes has been the pedal assist class 1 eMTB bikes are way too much fun and remind of the 80's when I discovered MTBs. I love the "I am not alone in thinking ebikes are not fun" wow cool, a lot of people like Trump too.
People for bikes and others are lobbying for class 1 not just for the industry as you say, but for people that want to ride them in currently closed areas (I live in Orange County, they are mostly illegal, I want the OC parks to allow class 1 bikes, so I am doing what I can to educate land managers how very similar these bikes are to acoustic bikes).
I grew tired of this article because it was opinion based and not much fact. Typical these days.
Anyway, signed another rider of all bikes that has an eMTB in the stable and damn happy about it.

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Feels like a rant that was a long time coming. I am not going for popularity on Vital here, any pro ebike comments gets knocked pretty quickly online. I believe pedal assist ebikes are simply not a problem. Sure they are not as fun, most days I agree with that, and that’s why mine hasn’t been ridden even once in months. Occasionally like when I’m sick, injured, or just super lazy I would say ebikes are way more fun, at least more fun than not riding. They aren’t real MTBs? They sure aren’t motorcycles, at least not class 1 pedal assists. In the Bay Area, CA I see a lot of these bikes on the trails. Probably a lot of new riders that don’t have the experience or fitness to be otherwise riding these longer steeper trails, and that has never bothered me once.
It’s great that you are a “real” mtb rider who knows what’s best for access, even though you admit there isn’t enough data to understand erosion, or environmental damage. It’s great that you single handedly can decide that bikes with a tiny motor that are “slow” shouldn’t be classified as bikes. Seriously though, the bro culture of mtb is deciding that they don’t want to be passed up hill by “gapers” or at least not be “classified” the same as them.
Obviously I’m on the other side of the fence here. I have no quarrel with ebikes. I don’t often ride mine. Out of 100+ rides a year maybe 5-10 are on an ebike. But seriously, if you want evidence that they belong, and won’t limit trail access look to other Countries where ebikes are a huge part of the industry. Germany, GB, France to name a few.

I don’t even care to change your mind or alter your perspective a bit. But I did want to say that I’m fit, I’m a mtb community member, I do dig days, I support my local MBOSC community, and I have not seen a negative impact on ebikes yet, except on online forums that is, oh and for sure a bunch of grouchy bro’s!

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