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Added a comment about product review New Tunable, High Performance Fork - EXT ERA Long Term Review 7/13/2021 12:04 PM

Yo @milkman55,

I've seen mixed reviews on DVO forks... and yet in my experience they've far outperformed any 36 or Lyrik.

I often wonder how other reviewers can equate the Onyx to the Lyrik, when the second I replaced the Lyrik on my e-bike with the Onyx, the air spring, chassis stiffness, and damping were all improved noticeably. Perhaps we're all more subject to our own preferences, and less objective than we think.

I've never been on a Zeb or 38 and can't find a single thing comparing the Onyx to, a 38, for example... and admittedly am curious to how the Onyx and 38 stack up.

Have you been on a 38 / can compare to the Onyx?

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Added a comment about feature Flowrider Racing Revel Rascal LT Sea Otter Classic Showbike 2020 5/15/2020 2:07 PM

Does one ride it? Or do you just walk circles around it with a microfiber cloth and a DSLR. I jest... but seriously, go ride.

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Commencal Furious DH Build