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Well lets just bring 155lbs in front of our face like no big deal

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I’d be very interested to see what could come of a mixed wheel size bike. 29 front and 27.5 rear, in case it wasn’t obvious.

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That thing looks amazing!

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I think the current format is pretty good, personally. my thought is a much more subtle change -- just get rid of 1-100 point scores entirely, and rank each rider against everyone else without a point score attached.

Brendan would've been in first after his first run down, and the judges wouldn't...more

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Nice tire insert!

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Nice! Love the custom forks!

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The new bike, and a lack of mechanicals, obviously suits Rude well. Kevin Miquel had a fantastic last two races. Already stoked for 2019.

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7 up from the bottom right on the key features chart

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Must say, that is the best bang for the buck on a DH bike out there right now and the components for the price are not bad at all