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Mitch’s body is incredibly fixed while he flicks that bike around him. I do think the top pic of Finn is pretty rad though.

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Just tweak the numbers and re release. Simple as.

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You can tell Aaron’s a perfectionist. He likes to be thoughtful and accurate so asking for interview questions ahead doesn’t really bug me. I’ve done the same for a newspaper article that probably nobody ever read or cared about but I kinda suck at on-the-fly ... more »

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3 reasons. 1. because 97.5 is a radio station. B. "reverse mullet" is breaking our community apart and we need to come together. III. beavis and butthead would laugh at 69er. if we need to go to court over it, our lawyers said that the "6" could come from "650b" and we'd probably have the case thrown...more

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Always found it interesting how a lot of Ebikes spec out the shittest rear shocks - they are heavier and doing more runs - so a prime candidate for something with decent oil volume to keep the dampening consistent. Weird.

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The Mullet is here to stay.

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Well lets just bring 155lbs in front of our face like no big deal

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I’d be very interested to see what could come of a mixed wheel size bike. 29 front and 27.5 rear, in case it wasn’t obvious.

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That thing looks amazing!

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I think the current format is pretty good, personally. my thought is a much more subtle change -- just get rid of 1-100 point scores entirely, and rank each rider against everyone else without a point score attached.

Brendan would've been in first after his first run down, and the judges wouldn't...more