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Bad quallity gopro and some bonjovi, keeping it a fun time!

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Saw this ad on CL and figured a post would help out, (lol at what the ad said! ^^ more info

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NIce man!

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nice knee pads! I got the same ones !

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Nice check mine out!

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rad, similar to rampage lines!

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Nice! And Stylish!

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Hey thanks for the add big bird, my first name is max. Your frames sound sick! I would love to see some rad pics of them! Thanks again man, shred on

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Big Bird left a comment 1/7/2014 6:04 PM

Hey Schwarz. I'm not on Facebook, so I was going to Deny you like I do most others, but then I saw that you ride a Bullit and decided to hit accept. I'm known as Big Bird because I'm 6'7", and because of that most bikes don't fit me. So I've made two of my own frames based on Bullit swing arms. One is a slope style frame with an old school swing arm that's as long as an XL but only as tall as a small. The other is my downhill bike which uses a newer swing arm to get 9.5" of travel with "World Cup" geometry with a long top tube and 16.5" chain stays to keep the wheel base reasonable. Welcome to the team. Shred on, play nice and don't make me "Moderate" you.

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She is rad!!

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