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chrisingrassia left a comment 10/3/2018 8:19 AM

Hey thanks for reaching back out. I tried to contact Garbaruk, but got radio silence. I posted some pics and description of the problem I'm running into on post #259 here: http://forums.mtbr.com/drivetrain-shifters-derailleurs-cranks/garbaruk-11-speed-cassettes-1056805-3.html#post13830258

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Thanks for the tip, will replace my E13 with a Garbaruk!

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Post some pictures of your derailleur issue and I'll see what I can figure out. What size in the largest ring?

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I have a 2018 SB 5.5 Turq in XL raw that is 26.4lbs with 11spd XO1. That is quite heavy.

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Not to be disagreeable, but I have a Yeti SB 5.5 with a nearly identical build. Similar wheels (DT 1200/30), Similar burly tires, lighter pedals, and everything else is within a few grams. Those wheels are 1550 grams - crazy light by any standard.

Mine weighs 26.9 lbs with pedals on 2 different scales. I rather doubt...more

chrisingrassia left a comment 9/23/2018 10:28 PM

I've having a total nightmare experience getting the SRAM DR back together like it should.
http://forums.mtbr.com/drivetrain-shifters-derailleurs-cranks/garbaruk-11-speed-cassettes-1056805-3.html#post13826395 (comment #255)

I cannot get the cage to not stop spinning back to its original point. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.