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UNNO DASH custom built with premium components manufactured in Europe, Canada and USA

Formula forgings all come from the far east too, breaks and lowers. Same with race Face rims. Guess where the tyres were made, the shock too. Nice bike, the far east schooled the west in quality without them we'd probably still be running square taper cranked on €2k bikes.
And fancy watches were just marketed better than the older brands wink

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Great way to win fans and get people behind you... "You're all losers/wasters 'cos you've got jobs and families and shit. You're not, like, LIVING, ya know?"
Damned right! All those wasters earning cash to buy the stuff that gives companies the chance to sponsor people like you.
Won't be watching part 2 nor buying any of Morpheus's products then.
Cheers smile

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