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Reply to Is Trek hinting at a natural fiber construction? (EDIT: Nope, it's WaveCel helmet technology) 3/2/2019 8:38 AM

Curious to see how strong flax can be in this situation. Looks like Porsche is using it for non structural parts such as panels and wings. It’s been used in the ski industry as a “more eco friendly” version of fiberglass. Never heard anything about the ... more »

Reply to How Much Reach is Too Much Reach? 2/13/2019 9:14 AM

When I first really started to understand what I was doing on a bike, 8-9 years ago. Everything I rode was sub 400 maybe a touch over. Next two bikes were 430-435. Now 453 and 470. I find a stem and reach combined around 500-510, currently feels like ... more »

Reply to 2019 Racing Rumors 9/11/2018 4:20 PM

Doubtful. He’s on his old rampage bike, probably more comfortable to hit big jumps on than the newer bike and suspension. Fully destickered lowers also

Reply to Purgatory Pro GRT Race CANCELED 8/3/2018 1:55 PM

Minnaar looked like a circus bear on a tiny bike during that ds race

bikes have changed a little.....
Reply to Little Black Book (of bikes) | Can you remember all your mountain bikes? 7/31/2018 9:41 AM

Big bikes started in 06ish Gen 1 Demo 8 Gen 2 Transition Blindside Cove Hooker Deity cryptkeeper no.1 Transition TR250 Transition TR450 Gen 2 Devinci Spartan Gen 1 Deity Cryptkeeper no.2 GT Fury, current generation Transition Patrol Carbon (metric) Transition ... more »

Reply to 2018 Racing Rumors 1/14/2018 11:39 AM

Be crazy to see if Geoff leaves Rocky....won't feel right

Reply to Crystal Ball: Who will be the next DH Winner? Nerd Alert. 1/4/2018 9:19 AM

Loris or Laurie I think. Moir is a good bet also. I'm personally rooting for Connor. Been soooo insanely close and still not had it.

Reply to 2018 Racing Rumors 12/22/2017 5:01 PM

Old and not current on geo are kinda the same thing in my mind. It's reach is now about a size off. The current LG would be a MD or even a short MD to a lot of companies now a days. The BB is sorta high, seat tube was pretty steep for the time, and HA ... more »

Reply to Mountain Biking in Wilderness Areas Closer to Reality: USA House Committee Passes Bill 12/14/2017 11:31 PM

Not all wilderness areas are "prestine". A wilderness study area can have some of the best trails in the country on it. If the study moves up to a wilderness area, we lose said trails. Why should we lose those existing bike only trails, the very few ... more »

Reply to Why hasn't this broken the internet yet? 12/1/2017 12:48 PM

Been getting a lot of attention on IG lately. Thing looks dope. Concerned about the lack of a linkage to help guide the seatstay though. It's like a massive yoke driven shock currently. Feel like it's going to put a lot of unnecessary loading on the ... more »

Reply to Want to Buy One of Colorado's Most Fun Bike Parks? SolVista / Granby Ranch is for Sale 11/15/2017 11:41 AM

Wow. Hope it works out for the best. Have a lot of great memories there. Post rain silky laps, and the larger features on buck and cougar. Be sad to see it go away.

Reply to Coil Shock + Trail Bike 10/11/2017 5:55 PM

Depends where you're concerned about heat. I could believe the air shocks damper running cooler because it's essentially surrounded by a giant heat sink. The issue is the air cans seals. Due to their size, they create a lot of friction. Coil shocks really ... more »

Reply to Coil Shock + Trail Bike 10/11/2017 10:45 AM

Been discussed a bit. 3 key points keep coming up. One being that the leverage curve of on the rear suspension varies a lot bike to bike vs a fork being a 1:1 ratio. Race only springs are producing coils for forks with eibach that are pro rate. It's ... more »

Reply to Coil Shock + Trail Bike 10/10/2017 5:52 PM

Hopefully we'll see more of a push by brands to add in a viable bottom out control to coil shocks, EXT does so with the new Arma. No short options currently though. I feel like Push could ... more »

Reply to The Patent Thread - New and Wild Mountain Bike Inventions 3/18/2017 1:29 PM

If you're running shimano, you can dial it in by turning the clutch tension down to where you like. Have less tension pulling on the suspension, but still keep the cage from being too floppy.

Reply to The Patent Thread - New and Wild Mountain Bike Inventions 3/18/2017 1:26 PM

Got a customer running 24/50 eagle 1x on a fatbike at the moment. Thing is fricken crazy. She's doing it as a rehab mechanism for an Achilles injury.

Reply to What Went Wrong with Interbike? Death to a Dinosaur? 9/27/2016 6:59 AM

Well a good place to start, it's in Vegas....remember how SIA went to Denver. One of the most talked about topics in the halls this year, was how interbike in general is almost irrelevant now. We've seen almost everything new to come out via Internet. ... more »

Reply to Rachel Atherton on a Prototype Trek Session at Whistler 8/16/2016 6:42 PM

Not sure the bottom shock mount is floating anymore. Top seatstay is the normal flip chip, set in low/slack. Curious to see if gee is on one. Feel like the session isn't long enough for his liking, hasn't looked right all season. Reach is only 6mm shorter ... more »

Reply to Which Bike Do You Regret Selling? 7/8/2016 8:37 PM

Honestly, don't really regret any. each build has been such an improvement over the last. Always learn more about what I like in a bike each time. My single speed blindside was still one of my all time favorite due to simplicity though. Deity cranks,

... more »
Reply to Did You Ever Jump Your Age In Feet? In Meters? 3/30/2016 12:06 PM

Go my age and double my age pretty often in feet, 25 years. Went meters or close to a couple years ago, took the bottom jump in crabapple to near flat with a tail wind.