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Been getting a lot of attention on IG lately. Thing looks dope. Concerned about the lack of a linkage to help guide the seatstay though. It's like a massive yoke driven shock currently. Feel like it's going to put a lot of unnecessary loading on the ... more »

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Wow. Hope it works out for the best. Have a lot of great memories there. Post rain silky laps, and the larger features on buck and cougar. Be sad to see it go away.

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Fresh dirt on the take off and landing for every shot? Holy crap that's next-level pro.

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Your daily reminder that there's no substitute for an actual downhill bike.

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Try here. List of bikes on the right of the page. May or may not be on here.

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Depends where you're concerned about heat. I could believe the air shocks damper running cooler because it's essentially surrounded by a giant heat sink. The issue is the air cans seals. Due to their size, they create a lot of friction. Coil shocks really ... more »

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Been discussed a bit. 3 key points keep coming up. One being that the leverage curve of on the rear suspension varies a lot bike to bike vs a fork being a 1:1 ratio. Race only springs are producing coils for forks with eibach that are pro rate. It's ... more »

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Hopefully we'll see more of a push by brands to add in a viable bottom out control to coil shocks, EXT does so with the new Arma. No short options currently though. I feel like Push could ... more »

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I think, the best looking dh bike out there at the moment.

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What a great looking bike

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Yeah, I'm kind of unsure of the math involved, because theoretically when it's helping the most is when your pedals are vertical, and the force is 0 Newtons, which theoretically you'd want to skip that point altogether. I don't really know the power output of cyclists or anything, but an oval chainring is an...more

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Check out how a bottom out system on a trophy truck works. Pneumatic bump stop that is adjustable. Obviously meant to take a beating, but this is just a slimmed down version. As long as there is very little stiction on the air shaft assembly, you shouldn't feel it hit.

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We have never stopped doing one-a-day RAW...? Are you saying you would prefer less content from World Cups? You could always just not click the stuff you don't like?

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While not as offset as the SRAM upper pulley, the new XTR is an offset system that is designed to clear bigger cassettes. The b-tension was not maxed out and cleared the 48 comfortably. Without touching the b-tension from the Hope setup, the Sram cassette works flawless throughout the higher gears, where I experienced the problem on the Hope cassette. We've run this same setup on other bikes with the 9-46 E*13 and had zero issues, other than it being minorly clunky. The difference between the aluminum cluster and the steel cluster is also night and day on the Hope. Zero problems in the aluminum, yet as soon as it's in any one of the steel cogs, it fails. So either I have a cassette that is out of tolerance on the machining, or Hope's design is far enough from the "standard" which everybody else uses, that it doesn't work. The lack of help in resolving this problem is part of what prompted the review and quite frankly bums me out. I absolutely love the brakes, minus not getting a set of barbs or olives with them, and having to cut them back out of the hose in order to shorten my lines. The pro 4s on my DH bike perform like expected from Hope.

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yo, lucky sod!

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Bike of the Day June 17, 2017!