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Added a comment about feature What's Out and What's In - Mountain Biking in 2015 1/19/2015 11:11 AM
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Training is still not cool. Riding high and dropping all your friends is.

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Added a comment about feature How To: Connect Your Dropper Post to a Shimano or SRAM Front Shifter 1/16/2015 9:40 AM
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The stock Lev remote is the best out there, IMO, but it's still not as ergonomic as a shifter. The Lev Southpaw is a joke—it slowly rotates because of the terrible clamp design. Specialized's matchmaker compatible lever is great, but it's $60. IDK if it comes stock with a Command Post, but running a CP is not worth getting the lever.

Do they really need to make a point to tell you when this would be a good idea or can't you figure that out for yourself?

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Added reply in a thread Do you ride with a pack? 1/8/2015 2:03 PM

I try not to ride with a pack, especially for rides that require 2 water bottles or less. Tube, patch kit, & tire lever get strapped to the frame, nutrition and multi-tool goes in a pocket. For longer rides I'll use SWAT bibs to carry an extra bottle ... more »

Added reply in a thread Black Friday Deals 11/26/2014 11:38 AM Just saved 20% plus an additional $15 on the Smith Forefront I've been needing! Yes I needed it!