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Embargo scramble sounds like a delicious Cuban breakfast

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Late night I was thincking about our very tall french man aka Flo Payet and is significantly different height team mate Marine Cabirou (this rumor thing ad to stop! I need to sleep). Flo seem prety close to Ridding addiction and the commencal family. ... more ยป

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The Miranda laught during Finn interview... Priceless, we love Brenda

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Graves on a Stump? And no enduro for the 2017 presentation... hum

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I've rode those two (STX22 et monarch) and they are pretty similar (for me). For the monarch I've been forced to put more than 250 psi to have some firmness and not use all the travel at each berm...
I dont think we can said the X2 is similary to the Monarch, one is twin tube and the other mono tube, the hydrolic working is totally different.
For the spacer question, stock, the x2 have 4 spacers in, have put just one more and at this moment that seem pretty good.
If you can, just try it, this working very well.

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I've try the monarch debonair on the 650 b comp frame and the STX 22 on the expert carbon 29. Both seems realy performant during the climb, but not realy fun in the descent. After few talk with specialized tech guy about the X2 for this frame I've decide to try this one (I ride some enduro race but prefere DH and freeride stuff) with a realy good hydrolic support and a huge air volume.
Today was his first enduro, lot of rain, muddy condition, slippery rocky technical trail and it was perfect, super smooth and stick to the ground this shock is dope

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