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Only thing louder than those TLD kits were those Giants...

Added a comment about video Electric Waves - Ratboy's Crew Makes E-Bikes Look Really Freaking Fun 4/30/2020 8:29 AM

Rural Alberta Advantage.

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Added a comment about video AMAURY PIERRON - Vital RAW 4/22/2020 6:08 PM

As a picky bastard, I’ll say to have a look at that again.
In unsupported corners, or where the turn is longer, he drops the outside foot.
That’s about the only time it looks like his hips are outside too. He’s otherwise really lined up feet to head, level pedals like you say.
All edging, no hedging. F’in amazing riding.

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I guess if your going to get caught and passed on someone's POV, it could be worse than Sam Hill.

Added reply in a thread Former Trek Executive's Open Letter to Bike Industry About E-Bikes 2/8/2020 4:52 PM

I’ve sidestepped trouble by doing three things; 1) I don’t pass people on climbs. I’ll sit for a bit, or go to eco. 2) I don’t climb trails I know I’d never climb on my envirobike. 3) I yield the trail no matter what direction I’m going. I’ve been vibed ... more »

Added a comment about product review Unlike Anything Else - Trust Shout Linkage Fork Reviewed 2/1/2020 3:45 PM

There's more useful information in a handful of these opinions than in a 1,000 miles of the "bad road" known as Pinkbike comments.
Thanks Vital!

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