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I was under the impression that the bigger travel Santa Cruz performed better with a coil? Or have they changed it that much that it will work with a good air shock? Im not at all clued up mind about suspension/VPP so any education will be welcomed.

But really how nice is the all black!!

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Stunning Bike mate and quality spec. Ive bought a XL and was wondering how you found the Angleset. I owned a Alpine 160 before and the angle was 65 where as the the Nomad is 67. At the moment it feels like Im a little stretched and ive got the seat as far forward as it it will go. Thinking about the Angleset to in theory push me more upright if that makes sense. Cheers for any help.

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If I ever get to try a Mojo I think thats how (funds allowing) I would spec it. Stunning bike mate.

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