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During the '70s my roommate Gary Fisher and I experimented with off-road bikes. Then we started racing downhill on our experimental bikes. Then we started selling them. Then mountain bikes took over the cycling world. The story is a lot longer than that, ... more »

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Just came across this, couple of months late. I put this race on, and I'm the guy with a ponytail and the bicycle cap being interviewed, That was a great day for me, and it was the first national exposure of this new type of fun.

Velopress will be publishing my book about all this in the fall.

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Current XC machine

Previous XC machine Old skool XC machine. I let this guy hold my bike because he built it in 1983. ... more »
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The first Kamikaze race was in 1985, and since the only previous downhill races were the ones I had put on at Repack, the promoter called me to help run the event. I acted as the starting timer, and the original "Repack" clocks were the official time ... more »

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