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Hey Grizz, to be honest mate nothing really except for stretching, walking & riding my bikes, I've just been putting up with it up until now & its seems to be getting worse, the pain feels like a torn ham string all the time & I get these electric shocks kinda like a prickly sensation in my foot, so after watching what you said about acupuncture I'm booked in to start that, shall see how that goes? Cheers Bro good luck with it!
PS I have some gnarly photo's post op.

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great stuff mate! smashed my pelvis 13 months ago, plates screws the whole 9 yards, couch, physio and still f"%$king sciatic nerve rattle! but I am back on a DH bike riding & ripping with my mates!

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Brandon will kill it!

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Glad to hear that! welcome back Rennie!

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Hey mate hang in there, get through the surgery and time in hospital, rest well, sleep well and eat well, then go hard as with your physio & rehab, why do I say this, becuase I shattered my pelvis in Jan this year, plates screws the lot! I'm now back shredding again & I am 42 years old, good luck mate you'll be right.

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And another from sunny Qld, sweet one day ,f"#kin rad the next, oh & that would be www.rotorburn.com Cheers & Beers.

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