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Heading out to Seattle and LA next week and planning to rent some mtbs. I have a pretty good idea on where I want to ride in Seattle (Raging River Trail System sounds right), but not where to go near Santa Monica. I'm seeking trails that keep you moving, ... more »

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Hey thank you guys for taking the time to answer my question in such depth, that was very much appreciated, and sorry I haven't said so earlier. Chain Reaction was sold out of the Sentier for a while, but finally the email came that they were back in ... more »

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Greetings. I'm more of a road/gravel cyclist so the mtb world is slightly new to me. I'm looking for a hardtail that moves fast like a road bike, but handles the chop with a good set of forks. So priorities are - fast, nimble, accurate, supple up front ... more »

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