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I think they could have put a slightly bigger LOGO on that bar... Looks complete "joey" IMO

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Hey Guys, thought I'd add a few comments on the technical details of the bike. The upper shock hardware is designed with an inner sleeve (small part #7), like a thru-axle front hub, to prevent binding if the upper shock bolt is over-torqued. I've attached a photo of the set-up. http://s61.photobucket.com/user/kperras/media/image001_zpse9wg3tvs.jpg.html

The cause of the above binding issue can come from a number of sources: the bearings are not pressed in all the way and the inner bearing races are not making contact with the sleeve, the sleeve is missing, the sleeve is out of tolerance.

Truthfully, this is the first production bearing eyelet I've heard of binding but the fix is simple: we work closely with shops to diagnose the issues and send out replacement parts quickly. All of the Slayers from our launch in August 2016 are still in use today, either under long term tests or now residing in demo fleets across North America, and no upper shock bearing eyelets have been replaced yet.

Regarding the nature of the bike, the Slayer's DNA comes from the Maiden and as such it performs best when ridden like a downhill bike. We realize that riders considering a Slayer are looking for one bike to replace both a trail bike and a downhill bike and such it was designed to climb efficiently to the top and descend with maximum capability on technical terrain. If a rider is more Trail oriented, then I would suggest the new Altitude as a suitable choice.

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It's true that lower travel Pikes need more tokens. There's a chart here that shows how many each fork can take: http://www.vitalmtb.com/photos/features/How-To-Get-The-Most-Out-Of-Your-RockShox-Suspension,9020/Slideshow,0/bturman,109

Don't be afraid to crank in that low-speed compression adjustment to help keep you higher in the travel. According to RockShox, "Low speed compression regulates oil flow in slow compression stroke speed scenarios such as rider weight shifts on the bike, and suspension compression during cornering or transitions." It also affects ride height, smoothness over small bumps, and traction.

After getting the air spring dialed in, if you feel like you're riding low in the travel, try increasing the low-speed compression by turning it clockwise (the direction of the plus sign) four clicks and repeating the test ride. If this was too much then turn back two steps counter clockwise.

If things don't feel smooth over small continuous bumps or if the front end has bad traction, back off the low-speed compression. Turn counter clockwise four clicks, then retest and make any correction two clicks at the time until you find that sweet spot. If you're unable to find it, chances are good that your air spring isn't set up just right for your terrain or riding style.

As always, when you think you've improved things, it's best to return to your original settings and double check. Be aware of other factors that can impact your ride like tire pressure, temperature, etc, to make sure they don't change things unexpectedly.

You can also chop the tokens in half if a full token is too much for you.

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I heard that lower travel Pikes need more Tokens. When I add 1 Token in my 160mm Pike I have to lower the air pressure to use full travel and then the fork feels too divey... need to test two but I wonder if there is a point where I can run x Tokens with lower pressure so that the fork sits high in its travel but I still use it fully. So far 0 Tokens and much air pressure felt best but then the fork is not so supple in the first third of the travel...

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