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Santa Cruz - I was blown away on how far over I could get the bike on a corner, not to mention how much speed you carried through each corner as well.

Reply to Cranks for a new build 3/29/2016 11:27 AM

Definitely single ring up front, how much does the chainline effect shifting, and chain retention?

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Which shimano would you choose, used XTR or new XT?

New thread Cranks for a new build 3/27/2016 7:51 PM

I am going to be building up a new Spartan carbon frame and have been trying to figure out what cranks to run. I've been looking at the RF turbine, new shimano XT (m8000), Sram X1, or used XTR (previous gen M980). All of these cranks run about the same ... more ยป

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Reply to Could a Simple Sticker Save Your Head in a Crash? 2/3/2016 7:54 PM

Isn't there a new helmet from Bell/Giro that has a external shell that is design to slide away during twisting impacts like this?

Reply to Do you use climbing-specific suspension features like lock-out? 1/13/2015 9:19 AM

I will if its a long climb, really like the climb switch on my DB-inline, and I tend to keep the rear shock on my other bike in trail mode most of the time, unless there is a long fire road climb or non-technical climb

Reply to Front Chainring Size for 1x10 on 27.5" 11/11/2014 1:20 PM

im in austin 34/32 is pretty typical around here, but from what i understand we've got more hills than you in Dallas.