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couldn't help myself from thinking about this...

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We heard the world´s comming to an end... we kinda freaked out

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i would´ve never imagined that tooth in place, it´s just not right. hahaha

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- But Brendaaan! I don´t wanna go anymore!
- Just a couple more runs and we´ll have some hokey pokey, all right?

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Me and my friends built a trail in a hill in the middle of the city, wich is kinda ilegal, a couple years ago. Yes, it is a secret trail but every one who finds it is welcome to come and ride. We do have some problems with people destroying some jumps and turns from time to time, but in a country like mine where social inequality is a really big deal, we try to be as democratic as we can. By now we allready have a pumptrack, a dirt jump track and two downhill trials. As a trail builder myself, I couldn´t be happier by getting lot´s of people riding my lines.

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i say BARB´EM!!!

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it's a good ideia, but the wieght and the bird poo it's a big issue. if that is resolved i'll surely get one!