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Lets say 3,500 x 200. Thats 700,000 in any currency. Gwins going nowhere. Your all killing racing rumors once again with the constant gwin talk. Good job turkeys

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Just because comments like the two above almost always go "unchecked" and "unchallenged" - you two guys clearly don't know as much as you think you know. Maybe if you attended all EWS and all UCI World cups you'd have a more informed opinion. Or if EWS's partnership...more

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6.24 left foot.

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So the events in Rotorua had me looking back at the world champs race from 06. Hill does the deed and wins it like the hero he is, but Nathan Rennie comes down last and just as he drops down the wooden bridge with the inside or outside near the bottom, ... more »

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we have plenty in the queue right now (some big, fun names) and there are plenty you may have missed here -

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Is he using a Renthal bar in it? Anyone see the forks?

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The chances of nukeproof not having a dh team must be very very slim. They were so happy when sam won a world cup on the pulse. Plus they have Nigel running the team and they have Jones, who together could definitely win a world cup under the right settings. ... more »

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Jacob Dickson! Cant wait to see how he does riding for giant. Happy Days!!

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Have last years vr model and would love to try this.

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Barel's Canyon from Crankworx looks like this

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Are people actually comparing this to normal tv adds? If so its the best one ive ever seen

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I now do not care what bike\team Gwin rides for this year. Nor do i give a shit about audi. What's Jacob Dickson swingin a leg over next year?