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Reply to Little Black Book (of bikes) | Can you remember all your mountain bikes? 8/1/2018 6:05 AM

So many long lists. Mine is very short. 1. Walgoose Rockadile (dear Lord, the name) that I began upgrading because I couldn't a afford a real frame. 2. 07 Cannondale caffeine when I could afford a real frame. 3. 05 Cannondale Prophet. I initially cannibalized ... more »

Reply to 2018 Racing Rumors 7/4/2018 8:34 AM

At least it isn't some weird ass Santa Cruz color. Or nuclear yellow with purple graphics. I'm old school but primary colors rule. I get that people like the new style but then the alt colors are always gray black monochrome boring. Pivot's red and black ... more »

Reply to It's Always The Little Crashes That Get You - What's Your Story? 7/28/2016 6:11 AM

I was at Dirtfest 2014 here in central PA at the Allegripis Trail system along Raystown Lake. These trails are fast and flowing machine made trails in spots. That's not very common in PA. I was riding my XC hard tail on a trail called Osprey that I'd ... more »

Reply to Which bike do you regret buying? 7/19/2016 7:24 PM

This might not actually count because I ended up really liking the bike. It was just a major pain in the ass getting it trail worthy. This previous Christmas I scored a near mint 05 Prophet frame on ebay for a good price. It's my first FS bike (I'm a ... more »

Reply to The Internet Was Wrong: Short Chainstays Suck* 7/18/2016 8:25 PM

My 05 Prophet CS measurement comes in at 16.5" but that's with a shorter front and 90-110mm stems. Funny how much geo changed in 11 years. Swung one way and now to the other in the long slack front end department. Now with such short CS measurements ... more »

Reply to Riding Solo - Love It or Hate It? 6/22/2016 5:34 PM

I ride solo. I also ride at a popular spot so I'm never really alone. Even if I were it's at a popular state Park that itself is not too remote. As has been said riding is my therapy. I love getting lost in the woods for a few hours to just clear my ... more »