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WOOP WOOP!!!! GO GEE! !!!!

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that was f**king hilarious.

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The Rules: -Don't re-post previous bikes. -No slagging someone out bkos of something they wrote. -No other bullcrap, i.e. oh why is there a box on the downtube bullcrap. Pinkbike has one of these threads, make ours better.

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That 142mm rear hub is such a good idea. I mean no one else so far has come up with such a sensible through bolt design. It'll make wheel changes way eaisier.

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this is crap man. i hope that next year the season wont go to the shithouse. after last season HES STILL AWESOME!

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THAT WAS AWESOME! Just one question though, did anyone lose their nutsack in the making of this video?

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